Templars and CPAH: Blood and Iron

In modern day CPA most people view the main governing body of CPA to be the “Club Penguin Army Hub” with great moral distinction and reliability from within. But there are also many disgruntled armies and staff outside of CPAH who certainly won’t sing the praises of this organization who’s had more corruption allegations against it than the U.S Government. Today, I interview Templars leader and founder Xing and discuss CPAH, its past, and its future.

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Oagalthorp Didn’t Create Club Penguin Armies – Full Interview With The REAL Founder of CPA


Chapter 1. Introduction

For as long as I can recall, ACP has been regarded as the first true nation-state army of CPA, with it’s founder Oagalthorp kicking in the door for the CPA we know today. But what if I told you there was another. Founded on a WordPress site months before ACP’s inception on the Miniclip forums. What if I told you that this army, founded by a still active CPA S/M legend was nearly lost to the sands of time and delegated to a lie on the S/M Legends page.

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Monopolies and Absolute Power In CPA

WARNING: This post does not reflect the views of the CPA Wiki, solely my own personal ideas and beliefs. It also isn’t meant to criticise CPAH, CPAWL or BIA. Additionally, some sensitive topics are discussed, viewer discretion is advised.

However, I fully intend to warn on the dangers of a monopoly, to discuss an example of how this was abused and to reflect on how we can control the potential damage of a monopoly gone wrong.

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Open Your 3rd Eye or Forever Live in Confusion

Why did you join armies, because it’s something that’s hard to get away from, and it’s probably one of the biggest L’s you can take. Let’s start with your source of “army news”. It takes $7 to buy a domain and build a website and you can post whatever you want just like these army news sites. Everyone gets their news from some unreliable bias site, but you think everything they post is legit because the site looks good with fancy graphics. This is all manipulation. These army news sites are run by cults.. specifically a cult of virgins that have nothing better to do than wake up and scheme on what they want the community to see in their little group chat. It’s kind of sad actually these cult members spend all day every day thinking about CPA.

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Raising Elmikey- A Look Into An Example of Mentorship in CP Armies

I first met Elmikey days after being recruited into the RPF by Commando717 to re-build the army. When I was first met Elmikey I had come across someone who had more radical views on armies than I did and this was something I had never before experienced. Elmikey was a unique child and he was far more ruthless than anyone I had ever encountered. He had a desire to change armies to the old ways of 2007. He was intelligent he knew the things he did and said were highly controversial and this aided his campaign because it gave him more attention and followers. What he did was another version of what I had done earlier in my career to gain attention. I never believed in Elmikey’s methodologies for bringing RPF back to prominence I believed it had to be done the way everyone had already proved worked which at the time was of course the traditional way of raising an army.

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Loyalty, Honor, and Tradition

Throughout my career in CP Armies I have always obeyed a strict code of loyalty and honor. I believe we all follow codes and the different codes of each person depicts their personalities. History has shown there is no true democracy in armies ultimately the most active leader with the highest level of skill who has led the army to its greatest state and is either the creator or current greatest leader in the army always makes the main decisions. I’ve always thought of leaders in armies like parents while troops are children. In life your parents always make the decisions for you until you are old enough to make your own. In armies as you start from the bottom of the ranks and climb and it is a leaders job to parent you along the way. When you join an army you are honor bound to follow its leadership and trust in it despite any radical views they may have. If we fail to obey the power structure within an army then the army is bound to fall and die.

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The Key Factor Behind A Successful Army

Anyone that has ever created an army from scratch will tell you that putting it together was not an easy deal. From recruiting new members to getting immense sizes of penguins to waddle at your command, managing an army can be notably demanding and challenging. That can be proven by the fact that while new armies are being formed every month, only half a dozen of Club Penguin Armies have survived for more than ten years; which raises the question:

What is the key factor behind a successful army? Read more to find out!

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