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This category consists of leaders who are the greatest in history and are posted in order of their legend-hood. The actions of these men really shaped this community into what it is today, they are the idols of Club Penguin Warfare.

  1. Lord Pain- Lord Pain is a highly controversial character who is both hated and loved by many. He has had a tragic past and dealt with much trauma throughout his life in and outside of the Club Penguin Army World. This is where his name Lord Pain comes in as he lives his life believing he has mastered Pain and has lived with it and turned the turmoil inside of himself into something positive in the form of his army career. Lord Pain started out in armies in 2009 having been recruited into the Night Warriors off of Club Penguin. Lord Pain started off with a different name, he was first known as Beolion. As Beolion he spent small periods of time in the Night Warriors, Dark Warriors, UMA, Team Gold, and then he found himself beginning to lead armies. He lead many insignificant armies he created here and there until he named himself Lord Pain and joined the DCP this was his first stint as a major army leader. He gained popularity as a large army leader and due to his recruiting skills and expert strategy in which he is known to be self-taught in he managed to move on and lead many legendary armies. Lord Pain became leader in RPF, GT, LT, ST, PCP, DCP, UMA, AR, and SWAT. In-between some of these armies he created armies he played around with a bit before moving on to something serious. He lead all of his armies into the top 5 and top 3 except UMA where due to lack of time and support during that stint he managed to get them to 7th on CPAC with nearly no resources behind him and he did this while they were basically in a state of being dead. Lord Pain regarded GT as his home army even though it wasn’t the first army he joined but it was the first army where he was ever shown kindness despite his radical views and outbursts. He became great friends with legendary GT Leader Jerry, whom was able to change Lord Pain and bring out more of his good side which helped Lord Pain act with less anger and gain more support down the line. During Lord Pain’s time in GT he also met Mustapha10 as a 4ic in DCP and he took him on as his first ever apprentice and he would mentor him throughout his army career. Due to ACP being responsible for GT’s fall and inability to ever recover due to the hacking accusations in which ACP threw at them that they later admitted were lies GT became an army that would return and fall apart because they could never regain the strength they once had until the leadership of Lord Pain, Sercan, Jerry, and Tempah were able to lead it to number one once again in 2014 but this was short lived as the effects ACP had on the GT were so long lasting that they could never stick together long term as Lord Pain’s partners in GT were out of their prime and lost the motivation they once had because of their past defeat and Lord Pain’s dear friend Jerry lost his love for armies and retired. Lord Pain believed Jerry’s potential was stolen from him by ACP and he also made the connection that ACP controls the media and makes the community un-equal, no other army could rise to number 1 as long as ACP controls the media and the community would forever be under the fist of ACP so Lord Pain planned to bring justice and avenge the Golden Troops and the memory of the only person who had ever treated him with love. Lord Pain would move through his various armies plotting the death of the ACP until an opportunity arose when Mach from UMA and Proditor suggested the return of the Black Alliance. Lord Pain would become a secret leader of the Black Alliance along with Proditor and Mach. They held secret meetings and guided the alliance from the shadows. Due to the controversy of Lord Pain it was decided that he would remain in the shadows and Waterkid100 the only other suitable advocate for a war on ACP was made leader of the Black Alliance. Lord Pain’s Black Alliance weakened ACP leading to them falling out of their number one spot and opening doors for all armies from 2012 to the modern day to be able to achieve number 1 on the top ten once again. After the Black Alliance Lord Pain went through various endeavors in the armies mentioned that he lead until he was asked by Commando717 to re-build the RPF in 2013 alongside himself, Shad, Redgush, Elmikey, and Silverburg. Lord Pain established the foundation for the new generation of RPF with his own loyalists and met Elmikey and took him on as his second apprentice. Lord Pain fought Puckley’s Nachos single handed in a war and re-took Tuxedo and won several other battles leading up to Puckley’s retirement. ACP sent Snaily5 as an infiltrator and Lord Pain was couped, followed by Elmikey. That is when Lord Pain would rejoin GT and lead them to number 1 in 2014, the leadership fell apart whilst Lord Pain stood tall but GT was known as a family army and without his family Lord Pain could not go on all support was lost. He rejoined the RPF in 2015 when Elmikey re-took the army and stayed there until the end of his army career winning every tournament and war that RPF was apart of such as the Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos, losing only one tournament battle to DCP due to a miscommunication and RPF not reaching a room on time although RPF far outnumbered DCP. During RPF’s Christmas Chaos battle against DW Lord Pain defeated xiUnknown and SaW in what would be their last battle before retirement. He defeated all of the big name armies during his era such as DW, Pirates, IW, LT, Nachos, DCP, AR, and ACP. During his short stint as LT Leader with Ioioluk around 2012-13 he won a tournament battle against a prime Ice Warriors while they were still being led by their creator the army legend Iceyfeet1234 although this wasn’t an important tournament battle IW was regarded as a tournament army and anyone up against them in a tournament was un-likely to win. Lord Pain’s career was concluded with his revenge when he brought justice to the ACP by defeating them in a war known as the Pain Wars which was RPF vs. ACP, DCP, AR, and Nachos. The DCP dropped out of the war, Nachos joined the RPF in an alliance, and they invaded AR’s whole nation whilst RPF invaded ACP’s whole nation. Even against four armies Lord Pain’s RPF took no losses except two servers that AR took while RPF was battling ACP. These servers were taken back by RPF and the war was ended and that was Lord Pain’s last major conflict. He is the only man to ever defeat ACP and take their nation and ACP shut down later after the war. Lord Pain’s highest sizes with RPF was over 100+ on CP. They also maintained the 1st position on CPAC for the majority of the time since 2013 and held onto it until the end of Lord Pain’s career. Lord Pain and Elmikey had built RPF into such a force that it survived past the closure of CP and they laid down the foundation for club penguin private server armies. He remains un-touchable having led more armies into the top ten than anyone. He is an expert recruiter, strategist, and a master of using psychology both to positively effect his army and negatively effect his enemies. He is the true epitome a perfect leader and although seems rough around the edges he has a big heart and still seeks to better armies to this day.

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3. ElmikeyTo be edited.

4. Iceyfeet1234To be edited.

5. Mustapha10– The main figurehead behind the Doritos of Club Penguin. The longest standing consistent leader of any army in the history of armies. He led the Doritos of Club Penguin from 2012 – where they would see their first ever placement as 1st on the top 10 – up until 2020. Under Mustapha10, the Doritos managed to reach sizes of up to 200+, and seen sizes of 100-150+ multiple times throughout the years. He recruited many of the legends and leaders you see today, to multiple leaders of ACP, DCP, IW, DW, LT, and ect. From the likes of Jester, CSY, Ahmed, xxToysoldier, Andrew24, and many more it appears that Mustapha10 generates nothing less than the greatest of leaders to enter this community. For the first time ever, starting in 2013 the Doritos began to receive thousands of join application. They would soon find their website to receive the most traffic, landing them the million views mark among ACP and the Nachos, yet in a much shorter period of time. The Doritos under Mustapha10 managed to statistically become CPAC’s number 1 army of the year for 2 years. From an army that could barely stay in the top 10, to world power status, the Doritos in 2013 took on Puckley and his Nachos, defeating them in a legends cup tournament finale that shocked the community. His warmongering side led the DCP into many wars which in turn, he believed would push the Doritos to go further in lengths of determination. Invading entire nations of armies that previously looked down on the Doritos. From taking down the Light Troops and forcing them to close their doors multiple times, he was looked at in the Doritos as an avenger seeking to destroy all the armies that previously defeated the Doritos under Wwebestfan. He didn’t stop there. He wanted to challenge anyone worthy, or even anyone that he thought did wrong to him or others. After crippling Iceyfeet in the Ice Warriors in 2014 he had bigger ambitions. In 2015, the Doritos under Mustapha10 defeated the entire top 10 in wars. Seeing as they were self proclaimed undefeated in wars dating from 2012 to 2015 they faced an entire alliance, single handedly, defeating IW, DW, SWAT, Miners, LT, WV, and Nachos in August of 2015. The majority of these armies surrendered their entire nations to the Doritos, who were at the time reaching sizes of 100+. This did lead to negativity from other competitors who were smashed by the DCP war machine, however this marks the time that always unsatisfied high standard Doritos became content with their legacy. Mustapha10 would receive multiple person of the year awards, something that would have never been possible for anyone from the Doritos in the past. However, after the closure of CP, Mustapha10 decided to bring the Doritos back again for another run. He led the army to sizes of nearly 200 once again, maintaining the number 1 spot for months back to back so much so that it made the admins of the CPPS jealous. Mustapha10’s legacy ends when Andrew24 makes a post in response to the creator of DCP’s post, where he shames Wwebestfan and says Mustapha10 is the reason the Doritos exist. Briefly after Andrew causing Wwe to envy Mustapha10, his time with the Doritos comes to a permanent end. With this being said, the way armies currently exist today would not be the same had Mustapha10 not made his impact, left his marked, and shaped the very community as we know it today over the past 10 years of consistently being a prominent figure of the community.

6. Waterkid100- To be edited.

7. Ganger90- To be Edited.

8. Wwebestfan- The creator of the Doritos of Club Penguin. Wwebestfan started off in the Ice Warriors in 2009, but in 2010 had bigger ambitions and created one of the most known armies today. He went on to recruit many well known figures of the community, the likes of Mustapha10 and Bam117, and established a place where people could grow to be the best version of themselves. He inspired and believed in his people, which led them to do great things and thus making his army legendary in it’s own right. Wwebestfan wasn’t the best in wars, nor was he a master recruiter – but his vision and ideas were much greater than himself. He led the Doritos from 2010 to 2012 and managed to get anywhere from 25-35 consistently in a time where he was very young. Today his army is not just an ally of ACP, or known as the underdogs of the CPA world. Today his army goes down as one of the greatest armies in the history of armies.

9. SaW- To be edited

10. xiUnknown- To be edited.

11. Commando717- To be Edited.

12. Pink Mafias- To be edited.

13. Puckley- To be edited.

14. Ioioluk- To be edited.

15. RobertoTo be edited.

16. Vendetta- To be edited.

17. Bam117 – From his endeavors in multiple armies and throughout the entire community, from 2010 to 2020 Bam117 has been one of the most prominent, influential, and popular figures in the history of the community. Even before becoming leader in ACP, Bam117 was one of the main reasons the Doritos rose from the ashes in 2012 and into 2013 to become a completely different revamped army. Bam117 has been the most prominent behind the scenes figure and even leader of the Doritos of CP throughout his entire career. From 2010 to 2020, even without the title of leader he has always worked in the best interest of the army. One of the most stand up figures and role models in the community, Bam117 has always remained humble. He changed the way Mustapha10 would forever see armies, and was a huge influence in his career. Bam117 goes on to do so much, but asks for no credit for any of his actions. His way about things have always been unique, one of the originators and shapers of the community. He has forever changed the community. This is why Bam117 has become one of the greatest to ever do this.

18. Icy Fresh 2- To be edited.


This category consists of leaders that were not as influential as the ones above but they were some of the best in their respective eras enough so that they are indeed legends.

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Frozen Zuke – Frozen Zuke found ACP in 2008 but didn’t show any interest in armies until 2014 Zuke joined Andrew24s legendary Golds. Zuke trained under Andrew24 in Golds, moved on to Dark Warriors training under Xxtoysoldier as LIT, and ranked his way up to leading SWATs last few generations on OG Club Penguin & Xat. In March 2020, Zuke returned to the community after receiving messages from Epic101 encouraging him to bring back the SWAT Army and Andrew24 inviting him to his Ice Warriors Discord server. With Ganger90’s permission, Zuke brought back SWAT and managed to lead them to heights that they had never even dreamed of achieving. Much like Mustapha10 with the Doritos, Zuke had replenished SWAT’s dirty history and within a matter of weeks, SWAT was maxing sizes of 60 on a constant day-to-day basis, and on a few occasions maxed sizes of 80-100+. They engaged in battles with the likes of the Light Troops, Underground Mafia & more and came out victorious thanks to Zuke & his leadership. Unfortunately, Zuke’s reign with SWAT Came to an end after by Badboy came and destroyed his creation. Within a matter of days, Badboy had taken a legendary army which was averaging 40-60, to then maxing 20. Zuke moved on to lead the Ice Warriors after Club Penguin Onlines closure and also maxed sizes of 70-120 multiple times, with memorable events such as The Golden Mop event and Legend Cup battles. He was asked to lead the Ice Warriors when their sizes dropped to 40 after CPO’s closure, shortly the Ice Warriors were hitting 70-120+ consistently. Along with this, Zuke’s significant custom items & room designs for CPPS’ (on CPO) helped recruit hundreds of new members to the community, he designed items for armies like SWAT, the Ice Warriors, Golds, the Dark Warriors & the Doritos, and thanks to this, he managed to do what no one else could do. Zuke is the first member of the CP Army community to make custom in-game items and rooms for armies. Each major CP Online army got their own custom uniform made by Zuke. The uniforms would come with a code to help the armies recruit and give their troops an exclusive uniform. Zuke made the infamous Red SWAT which came with a code, then all the CPOAL armies got Zuke to make them a uniform with a code. Zuke helped Epic101 with building CP Army Leagues’ new domain. Once CP Online closed all armies moved to use Superhero123’s CPPS “CPA The Game”. All of Zukes custom uniform items were moved to CPATG for armies to continue using. Zuke went on to create custom in-game rooms fit for army battles. CPATG was shut down due to alleged DMCA threats from Disney so Zukes assets were moved and used on CPArmies.net. In 2020 Zuke was the first to create custom in-game items/uniforms used by all the major armies in CP Army League, the first to create custom optimized in-game rooms fit for army battles expanding the army warfare, created an army (SWAT) that reached sizes of 100+ & led Ice Warriors hitting 100+. For all of the above reasons & contributions to the community, Zuke has been inducted as an Army Legend.

Jester – The career of Jester began during early 2008 where Jester witnessed some of the communities most formative and influential battles with the Romans recruited by Dj. However, Jester got his first leadership stint with the Doritos alongside many notable figures such as Mustapha, Bam, Wwebestfan, and XxToysoldier. While leading the Doritos, Jester was known for his wartime acumen and tenacity. Some of the greatest wars in DCP history, or of the era in general, were pioneered and masterminded by Jester. Jester also re-vitalized propaganda efforts to undermine the enemy especially during the Doritos vs Nachos War of 2013 and really made propaganda throughout the community popular through videos and memes. During a highly competitive era in armies, the Doritos valiantly waged wars with some of the largest armies at the time such as the Nachos, the Water Vikings, and the Dark Warriors. While all under the command of the core 3 Mustapha, Jester and Bam. Jester continued to display his wartime leadership abilities when he joined the Light Troops and spearheaded one of the largest wars of the year against the Dark Warriors. Elmikey noticed Jester’s success upon his removal in the Dark Warriors and quickly followed suit. The Light Troops also managed to claim a spot in the finals of the Christmas Chaos 2014 where they narrowly lost to their rivals the Dark Warriors which was a highly controversial final as Elmikey and Andrew were both struck with disruption of service attacks. Following his departure from the Light Troops, Jester found himself in a temporary leadership position back in the DCP. During this time, the Doritos experienced a massive surge and made it to the March Madness 2015 finals and numerous consecutive 1st on the top tens along with Mustapha, the two built the foundation for the survival of DCP going forward. More recently, Jester pioneered the revival of the legendary Chaos army in 2016 and although the success of the Chaos army under Jester were short lived, the Chaos rose to World Power heights in a matter of days by innovating a new recruiting method and partnering with a CPPS and achieving 1st for the first time in Chaos’ history. After Chaos, Jester Spearheaded what was known as “The Underground Era” of the Underground Mafias Army, UMA quickly shot up to a superpower in the community achieving 1st and Top 3 spots until CP Armies came to a close on March 27th and was inducted into UMA Legends for making UMA great again until it could no longer. In 2020 during the CPPS era, Jester returned to Chaos and declared war on RPF and formed an alliance with multiple armies which transpired into World War Rewritten. After Chaos shut down he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for past and present actions. Following the shutdown, Jester rejoined DCP in hopes to organize the army managing to get Gokhan a popular club penguin streamer to sponsor DCP, DCP had not reached sizes that big since spring routinely achieving top 3 during a plague of accusations and hate towards the army. Jester formed an alliance (NDA) of 7+ armies strong to combat the Black Ice Alliance (RPF,DW,IW) whom were pushing for more unwarranted sanctions against DCP but was left in the dark by every ally once world war was declared due to BIA’s aggressive actions against the alliance NDA. Jester had also secured a sponsorship with Super Cub Penguin which helped the army even after its inevitable shut down in September. And thus following Jester’s retirement from the army community. Jester has been prone to slip in and out of retirement during his time in the community, but nobody can deny that when Jester dedicates himself to an army, we can expect a surge in armies that will impact the entire community. With the leadership of Jester comes innovation, dedication, experience, loyalty, and above all else, wars that will change the landscape of the community in its entirety.