Is ACP the Greatest Army of All Time? My column:

Will the Army of Club Penguin ever succumb to the depth of the darkest pits of Club Penguin itself?

Created on 29th September, 2006 the ACP was formed and based upon the Miniclip forums. For decades now the Army of Club Penguin has persisted on against all odds. In the face of adversity, many wonder, will the Army of Club Penguin – the originators of the community, the creators and revolutionaries – those who created something out of nothing and made a simple Club Penguin game… well… into so much more ever cease to exist?

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Why are Club Penguin Armies Working So Well?

Most of us tend to focus on the negative side of things when it comes to routine. Work is boring, schools are bad, our apartments are old, and Club Penguin Armies are toxic. We claim they are toxic, yet we’re still here, aren’t we? And it’s not just me and you, it’s an entire horde of penguins, still wearing their uniforms, still shouting chants, still doing “emotes”, still battling with other penguins. After 14 years, all of us are, still, here. Which raises the question:

Why are Club Penguin Armies working so well?

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Greetings People of CP Armies,

I am Lord Pain a historical leader and pioneer in new age leadership. I am known for my role as leader in RPF, GT, SWAT, ST, DCP, PCP, UMA, AR, and LT. My main legacies in Club Penguin Armies consist of re-building the Rebel Penguin Federation alongside Commando717, Redgush, Elmikey, Shad, and Silverburg. Together we have created the very foundation that Club Penguin Private Server Armies stand on. In addition to that I led the Golden Troops to number one on CPAC and I am the one who brought back the Black Alliance alongside Proditor which shaped this community into what it is today by causing the fall of the Army of Club Penguin. Later I finished the job in RPF when I launched the Pain Wars and became the first man ever to conquer the entire nation of the ACP rendering them dead. Despite battling against three other armies whilst trying to invade all of ACP’s land we did not suffer a single defeat.

But enough about me I am here to discuss the launching of my new project which I hope will have a significant benefit to armies in the future. This website will feature articles written by qualified writers on the subject of Club Penguin Army Politics & Philosophy. It will act as an idea hub for users of CP Armies who want to have their ideas heard by an audience. Each post will be written about either a political idea to change armies, and how the user would want to implement them or it will be a simple philosophy post. In addition when a writer makes a post about politics they can also include a poll and really see how popular their idea is. I believe that either of these things when displayed to a large enough audience can be enough to change peoples ways of thinking. That is what we are here to do spread ideas and change thinking for the good of Club Penguin Warfare.

I am giving you this platform to do that however we will not help anyone directly with bringing about their ideas, I will give you free speech and allow you to share any idea or philosophy without holding back. Even things I don’t agree with will be written about here. I am doing this with the aim that no ideas will be lost to history, as some at the time they were thought up did not gain traction. With this platform your ideas will remain here forever and even if they don’t catch traction who knows maybe one day peoples minds will change and they will recognize your idea. Either that or something new could come from it all together an idea can sometimes create a new idea or parts of someone else’s idea can be implemented into someone else’s own idea.

We are in an army world now with many conflicting views and often people with different views forget that there is always something to learn from the other side. On this website we will experience any and all types of views on Club Penguin Warfare and an unlimited number of subjects related to that. These may include leadership styles, army governments, the community government, ideologies on club penguin armies, the possibilities are limitless. I have been here since 2009 an even I believe that there are things out there for me to learn and I am eager to see what people will write about on this platform. I hope that when I leave armies this will be another legacy that I will leave behind and by the time I leave ideas written about here will come to life and it will make the community a better place.