CPAPP and partners have officially released a Minecraft Server in which armies can participate by creating their own factions. This enables armies to create allies or enemies as they build their bases and gather resources to raid or fight other armies on the server. For example, the RPF faction can ally the ACP to take on the Nachos. The server will be cracked, meaning you won’t need to actually purchase Minecraft to play.

Server Address:


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Thoughts on the Current State of Club Penguin Warfare

Dear Community

Following the shutdown of many Club Penguin Private Servers and recent doxing scandals, the community finds itself in a position similar to 2017. Most armies have closed their doors, including IW, WV and DCP. Though some like ACP and RPF are planning to reopen on HTML5 servers in the near future, Club Penguin Warfare is in uncertain territory.

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Addressing The Recent Circumstances

Greetings People of CP Armies,

Recently the community has gone into chaos from many people being threatened and armies shutting down along with the recent incident of my discord account getting banned and the original CPAPP chat going along with it. Armies have dealt with people threatening to dox one another for many years now. High ranked people from both armies and media organizations have been getting targeted. As a result of this armies have been shutting down left and right. We will push forward and we will survive this storm. Nothing will stop my plans for expanding CPAPP into the media organization that armies have always needed. CPAPP is merely a stepping stone for a much larger plan that I have. We have been banning any suspicious characters on our discord and we will continue to do so.

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