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How It All Came Into Fruition: The Early Black Alliances and the Beginning of ACP’s Decline, Part One:

Hello, all!

I have warmly accepted Lord Pain’s kind invitation to write for this fine and forthcoming institution. Politics were always the higher-order contemplation I had not been writing as much in general until recently, so please bear with me. Alas, I will indeed begin by speaking to the community about a topic still near and dear to my heart, and relevant to the landscape of a great portion of OG Club Penguin Warfare’s history. Tables were turned, an ancient power ultimately saw its fortunes reverse, nearly irrevocably, and new legacies from anti-establishment insurgents were formed and cemented. As well, my own career in this social sphere arguably peaked around this particular turbulent era, as my energy and perceived clarity of thought had never been stronger. From the core of my online identity here outward, the tumultuous transformation of Club Penguin Warfare in 2012-2013 stands out to me as an example of creativity and justice ultimately prevailing, and a reminder that raw passion winning out, however long its development and cultivation may be.

(GLORY TO THE LIGHT TROOPS EMPIRE | Club Penguin Online: Light Troops (cppiratearmys.com))
(Declaration Of War On The Light Troops | ACP: The Official Army of Club Penguin | Club Penguin Army Clover Defenders (wordpress.com))
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