About Geɴerαl Ƈσσℓѕтєя₁₁₄

The name is Coolster114. I joined Club Penguin around the time of the Colour Wars, and I served in the UMA as a rogue during World War Three. Over the years, I've influenced a number of armies like UMA, Pirates and FGR. In 2012, CPAC/SMAC inducted me as an S/M Legend, and since then I've served in several Legends Committees for different organisations. Outside of leading armies, I've also held senior positions in the Club Penguin Army Council, steered SMAC as an (unofficial) Acting CEO for several months in 2014, and masterminded the Black Alliance as Supreme Commander/Founding Brother during WW6.

Thoughts on the Current State of Club Penguin Warfare

Dear Community

Following the shutdown of many Club Penguin Private Servers and recent doxing scandals, the community finds itself in a position similar to 2017. Most armies have closed their doors, including IW, WV and DCP. Though some like ACP and RPF are planning to reopen on HTML5 servers in the near future, Club Penguin Warfare is in uncertain territory.

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