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Templars and CPAH: Blood and Iron

In modern day CPA most people view the main governing body of CPA to be the “Club Penguin Army Hub” with great moral distinction and reliability from within. But there are also many disgruntled armies and staff outside of CPAH who certainly won’t sing the praises of this organization who’s had more corruption allegations against it than the U.S Government. Today, I interview Templars leader and founder Xing and discuss CPAH, its past, and its future.

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Oagalthorp Didn’t Create Club Penguin Armies – Full Interview With The REAL Founder of CPA


Chapter 1. Introduction

For as long as I can recall, ACP has been regarded as the first true nation-state army of CPA, with it’s founder Oagalthorp kicking in the door for the CPA we know today. But what if I told you there was another. Founded on a WordPress site months before ACP’s inception on the Miniclip forums. What if I told you that this army, founded by a still active CPA S/M legend was nearly lost to the sands of time and delegated to a lie on the S/M Legends page.

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