Spartans Army To Open Under Lord Pain, Mustapha10, MaximeT9, and Roberto

Greetings People of Armies,

I have chosen to enter my 10th and final reign in club penguin armies along with Mustapha10, MaximeT9 and Roberto. We are starting a CP division within Mustapha’s gaming server and we shall be known as the Spartans Army of CP. We will use our collective skills and knowledge to carve a path of destruction in CP Warfare. We will raise the Spartans to be a mighty army feared by all. This will be a classic case of old legends uniting under one flag to build a new history. Right now armies are weak and fragile and are promoting anti army ideologies. They are not violent enough and therefore the wars that need to happen to keep the wheel of this community turning are being prevented.

This has called us back to leadership and with our return the battlefields of club penguin rewritten will once again be stained red with blood. We will bring about real conflicts with real warfare emotion behind them. The old classic propaganda that you used to read in the old days that some people have the audacity to call “offensive” will return. All of the qualities that make an army truly a “club penguin army” will come to light with this new leadership and army. We will cause a domino effect of violence throughout this community that will once again bring action back to this inactive community. Among the highlights of the opening of the Spartans is that this will be the final leadership of Lord Pain.

All of the lessons I have left to impart upon club penguin warfare will be taught during my leadership in the Spartans. We have 3 leaders which are all legends that have not led in a long time. We have watched this community and we know very well we can still compete at the highest level. Many scenarios over the years of different legends leading together have played out. None of them will be like this one because those leaderships were not of the highest caliber such as this one. Each of us are revolutionaries in our own right and we have plans to recruit a mass of people. The Spartans will truly be a forced to be reckoned with.

I am calling upon all of my loyalists and all of the people of armies in general. Abandon your boring weak armies and your coward leaders. Come and join this crusade in the Spartans and lend us your strength. We will test our abilities together and then we will endure the harshest and most violent of wars. All of you are probably in dead end armies doing nothing and enduring these pacifist leaders and their boring events. We are warriors, we are killers, and we are meant to fight with purpose in this community. I am here to give you purpose, I am here to give you something to fight for. We are going to fight for a better tomorrow in club penguin warfare.

A true leader knows there are no lines in club penguin warfare other than no hacking, doxing, or denial of service attacks. In this leadership we will use any and all methods necessary to defeat and embarrass our enemies. We will annihilate all in our path to the top and no one will stop us. The return of these leaders and the beginning of this new army marks the return of real club penguin warfare. Only the best will be allowed within our ranks especially the high ranks. This is going to be a roller coaster ride that none of you will want to miss. Come to the Spartans discord and join us today!




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