Fuel Added To The Fire

Greetings People of Armies,

From an anonymous source I’ve just gotten a hold of a very interesting picture which is about to add quite a bit of fuel to the fire for the Pain Wars 2. It seems that the ACP are highly overestimating their own abilities and especially those of RPF in this case. I have seen arrogance in this community but never like what this picture displays. They actually think that the first army to ever conquer ACP’s entire nation could just be walked over as if they are nothing. The reason for this is because of RPF’s new leaders and the fact that Crazy and Cosmo have left. Cosmo has really left although to my understanding Crazy is just on vacation and will return to the leadership at some point.

The ACP is currently an army in the top 4 holding the 4th position and yet the only people they issue challenges to are those weaker than they are. Is this how your “CP Army Police” enforce justice upon the community? Even though RPF are currently ranked number 1 the ACP are predicting RPF to fall. That is the only reason they are willing to speak so boldly. The picture I’ve displayed here clearly shows that ACP is only willing to attack RPF when they are at their weakest point. I really don’t even need to paint a picture with words to describe or persuade anyone of the cowardice of this. Common everyday morals explain that to all of us.

Commando717 once called upon me to rebuild the RPF in 2013 and due to me and Elmikey having an issue that ended quick but not before I gave them the resources they needed. I was brought back once we resolved that issue and I was called upon for the Nachos War. I quickly turned that war around with my first battle being to take back Tuxedo which ended in my victory. That was a single handed victory on my part against Puckley’s Nachos. The way this scenario is playing out its creating the opening necessary for my return. Not that my return wasn’t appropriate before this. Out of respect for my desires and for what I bring to the table I will be brought back an agreement will be made.

This is what is best for the future of CP Warfare the end of the Pain Wars 2 will bring the necessary changes to the community and teach lessons from an old legend on his way out. The true face of ACP has been revealed many times over the years. You could write a book on the treachery of ACP. They have betrayed both their brother allies the GT and the DCP, the GT died because of their treachery. There is now the possibility of another army dying because of ACP. How many more have to die, how many more have to suffer in this community because of this great evil? Everyone in this community is aching to see the Pain Wars 2.

I make this vow to you all just as I did in the Pain Wars 1 I will bring a bloody and gruesome punishment to the ACP. I will tear them apart and I will bring about their ruination once again. It is time that ACP tests their abilities against a true opponent at their full strength and not a a time when they are vulnerable. ACP has only poked fun at this instead of recognizing this as a chance to get revenge for the original Pain Wars. It is because they are afraid and they know what will happen in a Pain Wars 2. They do not want to be embarrassed again and run into the same scenario as last time. I am speaking of when Edwin was begging in meetings to show mercy and end the war. I am speaking of when ACP gave their entire nation to DCP to avoid continued losses.

Neither of these strategies worked and one of them isn’t even an option the way the community is set up now. There is no running from the Pain Wars 2 for ACP and there is no post they can make to convince anyone of their innocence. They are cornered by a community that hates them and wants to see them die burning and suffering. I am going to deliver that gift to this community and once again we will be at peace. This community and its armies were given 2 years of paradise after the death of ACP. I am now fighting for more than 2 years of paradise. I am fighting for an army world that is a permanent paradise a permanent equilibrium. I call upon the CP Army Community and the RPF and its leaders to help me bring this about.

I have eyes and ears everywhere nothing you say nothing you do will be kept from me ACP. You can NEVER escape me and we will meet on the battlefield.

Lord Pain (The Punisher) ACP (Billy)

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