What My Return To RPF Will Look Like

Greetings People of Armies,

When I return to RPF I am not looking to take on some sort of dictatorship role or in any way disturb the current systems they have in place. My return to RPF will be purely for a legends battle between RPF and ACP and between me and ACP’s active legends and leaders. I am putting my name and reputation against theirs. I will be joining RPF as a guest and I will use my last leadership in the history of armies as a chance to pass down my teachings to their current leaders. I am not going to explode through the doors of RPF and make any sort of changes to what is already the most powerful army in CP Warfare history. I will simply take my leadership position back for a short amount of time and we will launch the Pain Wars 2.

I will remind the community what classic leadership looks like and how positive an effect my kind of role play can have on an army and its troops. Right now RPFs leaders and troops are literally just going through the motions everything you read on their website is boring every event you see them have is boring. It is all completely emotionless and I can see that this mindset has been developed that none of this matters as long as they are getting sizes. RPF has gotten comfortable with its fancy graphics, nice website, and Commandos money to support them. They don’t think they are vulnerable to the same sort of fall that other armies are.

They are vulnerable and they need to engage in the proper role play to make their army stronger than ever. That brings me to the aggressiveness of my post “The Pain Wars 2 Will Happen” and how I would respond to people saying its too much. A common phrase people love to fall back on especially those who aren’t truly devoted in mind and body to CP Warfare such as myself is “its just a game” or its a “penguin game”. This is how I play that game and the results with the 9 armies I have led into the top 5 and top 3 with 2 of them being led to 1st speaks for itself. The RPF for the first time in years fell to 4th on the top ten although they quickly rebounded they should now know from that experience that they are vulnerable.

In a 12 year army career there are lessons I have to pass down and the best way to teach these lessons is also by acting them out. The aggressiveness present in my post is pure role play but don’t get me wrong I am seeking to kill the ACP. The end result of my war will be a broken ACP either in the same way the first Pain Wars ended with them shutting down or they will be broken in another view of what the word “broken” means. What I mean by that is now that the knowledge I have on ACP is being passed around that stuff isn’t going anywhere and its going to effect the ACP. ACP are maxing sizes right now that it would take years to kill them not that I’m saying its not possible.

A lot of the people in ACP aren’t going anywhere but their efforts and experiences in ACP can be made to be worthless. If the entire community shows hatred towards ACP they will dwindle in numbers. If the entire community never stops talking about hating ACP and wanting them to die even their legends will eventually break and realize the organization they have devoted their careers to is actually evil. ACP is an army built off of deception and the pretend idea that they are some sort of “CP Army Police”. Yet you see them attacking their brother allies after they’ve just returned and there are numerous other recent accounts of them bullying small armies.

Over the years you can dig up posts where ACP has tried to stand up and be the “CP Army Police” and defeat other foes who are now displaying the very habits ACP is currently displaying. The way I address ACP is just apart of a technique to draw attention and get people talking and get me where I need to be. That is on the battlefield defeating ACP and reducing them to ashes. I am doing this for the good of CP Warfare and only I in particular the first man to kill ACP can have the same effect on them that I once did in the Pain Wars. The ultimate enemy of the ACP is Lord Pain in leadership over the RPF. For my service to RPF dating back to 2013 I have the right to automatically return if I please.

Throughout history big figures have returned to their armies without any sort of political fuss. It is my personal desire to return to RPF and work with their leaders as a TEAM. I will be following the chat rules and not only that I will be promoting the chat rules because RPFs rules are just for sure and they keep the younger troops safe. My violent tendencies are shown only to the enemy army not my own people. I will be working closely and in a friendly manner with all of the RPF leaders and the high command along with the entire army down to the privates. A person of my out spoken character who has a history with ACP and a person that ACP is genuinely afraid of that is the kind of person who needs to be at the forefront of a war against them.

CP Armies take more to maintain than fancy graphics, a nice site, and some money. Leaders must be hardened and ready to face challenges and someone who has always had it easy in armies and never struggled such as the current leaders are going to behave with a different sort of attitude than someone like me. I existed in a time in armies where chat recruiting alone along with just being generally influential was enough to raise an army into the top 5 or top 3. Using those skills alone and sometimes barely having support I have done this. Even though the GT became number 1 under my leadership during the auto typing era a majority of my recruits still came from chat recruiting during that leadership.

I was a leader of a number 1 army during the AUTO TYPING era with chat recruiting. The legend hood of that act speaks for itself. What I am trying to get to by explaining this is I have experienced genuine hardship and despite whatever fancy tools are available I don’t ever get comfortable and start thinking this army cant fall. The way RPFs current young leaders move is a way that demonstrates they don’t know hardship they think they cant fail. They don’t know how to get old fashioned and grimy and really get their hands in the dirt like I do. There are things you have to do besides recruit and host events. You have to analyze your enemies on a psychological level. You have to make speeches and reveal your enemy as the villain.

You have to do more than send your troops into a blind war in which that they do not even know what they are fighting for. You have to give troops a reason to fight you have to make them believe they are standing up for their empire and fighting a battle for life or death. Despite all of this friendship stuff going on ultimately we are competing against one another this is an us vs. them army community and the more soft hearted you are the more vulnerable you are. You have to be a stand up character ready to act with any amount of violence or cruelty if necessary because its you or its them. You can not be friends with everyone and go about this community like you are some soft hearted pacifist who gets offended by every last thing. Especially while being a leader that is a major display of weakness that will be exploited by someone. If you keep that attitude in a war against an army that already has an edge against you that could risk your armies life. Your only real friends are in your own army everyone else is out to get you even possibly your own allies.

That is shown by what is going on with DCP and ACP and therefore leaders need to be prepared for anything. You need to play this game with the right mindset you have to make sure your army is moving the right way and are just in their actions. If you don’t someone will turn that against you in a speech and speeches end up on the news. After the speech comes the war and you are on the bad end of it then regardless of your armies strength. If you are painted as a villain it will weaken you even if you max 100 because everyone will talk down on you in the community. When you play this game with the proper role play your troops are attending more events, they’re recruiting harder, they’re taking everything more seriously. The reason being they know if they don’t their army could really lose and even die from the results of loss. The loss of war results in the loss of morale, that has effects on a leaders mind and the mind of everyone within the army. Troops sometimes army hop or quit for no other reason than their army just lost. Leaders retire due to loss, there are many drawbacks to losing.

The proper role play of a leader and addressing all things correctly on the website in written format properly displays the image of an army. It fuels the fire of the troops and it keeps the wheel of the army in motion properly. RPF may be a recruiting machine and they may be consistent but eventually that becomes not enough. I am here to stop that eventuality and bring back the role play that RPF is missing. I am going to demonstrate how important this is by facing my greatest enemy and using the tools that I know in my 12 year army career have kept armies alive throughout history. It is a necessity that this happens so that the RPF can make the proper adjustments and prevent future tragedies. I may not be able to put their leaders through the same struggles I went through but I can teach them the lessons I learned from those struggles. RPF is more than something that is apart of a game and they need to be reminded of that. They need to be reminded not to be lackadaisical and to be the stand up figures and leaders that not only RPF needs but the community itself. Through this experience with me during the Pain Wars 2 they will learn this. I appeal to the RPF for this and I invite them on this journey with me. I will make this happen I have more than earned my final battle.

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