The Army of Club Penguin is the worst type of army that could ever be. The way the Army of Club Penguin operates is spineless and claustrophobic.

Armies you all hate probably have talked shit to you. They probably have disrespected your army. The ACP however will not. They’ll manipulate you. They’ll only work in their best interest and it’s extremely selfish. They are an army of no morals; no ethics. Spineless. A disease. To become a leader you must become more creature than human.

The current DCP leaders have always shown nothing but respect for ACP and have gone above and beyond. No one in armies ever works with the old leaders from years ago of an army. ACP’s declaration of war on DCP today was bullshit. They used it as an excuse to betray their brother allies. If the current leaders are some little kids who kiss your ass, what does it matter what the leaders of DCP from years ago think of you?

CSY, I recruited you off of Club Penguin. I brought you into armies. DCP was your home army. How dare you… sell out like the rest of ACP. You guys are nothing. You got the wrong people fired up here and it’s kinda nice to see all my old buddies who take over every time all come together. You call out people the likes of Bam117? How could you manage.

Whatever influence I still have over armies I will use to inform those that are unaware of how ACP is a disservice to every single army. The worst kind. Not an army that is publicly a menace to everyone, but more-so a snake in the grass. DEATH TO ACP.

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