The Pain Wars 2 Will Happen

Greetings People of Armies,

The original Pain Wars was the salvation of the Club Penguin Army Community it gave all of the remaining armies 2 years without ACP and therefore two years of progress. The evil Army of Club Penguin has dared to return and with them they have brought inequality in Club Penguin Warfare once again. This community can only enter an equilibrium without the existence of the Army of Club Penguin. They have chosen to continue to selfishly exist, they have chosen to once again try to take control of the media and the top ten. This can not be allowed. If we continue to allow ACP to be apart of this community our numbers will dwindle and ACP will once again take its place as the top army in this community.

ACP brings with them depression, suffering, and death. They are the source of every world war and problem that this community has ever faced. They leech off their allies and use them to protect themselves in conflicts that they can not handle on their own. There are ACP agents planted in every significant organization within armies. No body of power within this community should have that much power. As long as one body of power does have that power and vision within the community it causes a range of issues for every other army. I have always envisioned a community where the top ten is balanced and no one army is in any position for too long. This is unavoidable for at least one army because we can not limit how strong an army can become.

That army can never be ACP because of the unfair advantages they have such as being called the “Army of Club Penguin”. The operation the ACP runs is based off of manipulation, they are all brain washed and groomed from as early as possible. The ACP is a disgusting army that takes no responsibility for the damage they have done and all of their troops are mostly ignorant of the damage they have caused from every world war. For as long as this community has existed this community and its armies have always lived and died behind Anti ACP vs. Pro ACP principles. This never ending cycle must come to an end if this community is to evolve to the next stage in its evolution.

That has always been my goal and no matter the methodology it takes even if it includes possible malice, cruelty, and violence we must make it come about for the greater good. ACP must die for the rest of us to live and prosper otherwise inevitably the effects of their existence will slowly degrade the 9 other armies in the top ten and we will once again turn this community into a wasteland similar to the pre 2013 era of armies. It has happened before and history will repeat itself if we do not step in and do what must be done to save this community. I have always been the guardian of this community and I have stayed long past my expiration date.

I am still here regardless of what has happened between me and the RPF the army that became the first army to kill the ACP. I will be restored to my position in the RPF rather it be for a short stint or just for the duration of a Pain Wars 2. During the last Pain Wars I focused only on taking their nation and winning the war. This time around I will employ tactics of psychological torture towards the ACP leadership and their entire high command. I will study the main leaders and advisory figures who still stick around and put in work towards keeping the ACP alive and I will find the ones closest to them and if they do not join me then I will torture them as well I will tear apart everything that the ACP loves and I will make their existence a living hell.

I am not playing around this time and I am coming down with my full wrath and they will feel every bit of my malice and hatred. I have chosen this life of sacrifice I have given up 12 years of my life, I have raised legends in this community, I have led the majority of legendary armies within existence into the top 5 and top 3 and 2 armies to 1st. I am the only man who has ever killed the ACP. I have been a figure who has helped many within armies even once stopping a suicide in the RPF. I am capable of more than most of you could possibly realize and I believe in this game and its ability to help kids whom need a safe place. ACP is a threat to this safe place for children and therefore I must protect it.

For those that follow me or just follow my story we all knew this was inevitable we all knew that if ACP came back that there would be one more battle. We knew that the second I didn’t disappear permanently after the Pain Wars. ACP was foolish enough to return and whether they max 10 or 100 they will perish in battle once again to me. The ACP has no legitimate allies just those who have aligned with them for personal benefits for the time being. Everyone hates ACP and wishes death upon them even the armies who have been closest to them such as the DCP. ACP knows very well that they have no real protection and if you are foolish enough to protect ACP I will make your life a living hell as well.

Before this eventually happens this is my final warning to those that walk with the evil ACP if you do no end your alliance with them you will suffer the same fate as the Army Republic another army whose death I set up because they dared to protect the ACP. When will the Pain Wars 2 happen you may ask, well just stay tuned because even if it takes months to put this together or half a year I will obliterate the ACP and any that care about them or support them. I will fully erase their influence on the Club Penguin Army Community and finally the never ending cycle of the Anti ACP vs. Pro ACP will come to an end. This war will truly be my final battle its all I’ve got left. I am willing to put my full reputation on the line everything that is Lord Pain.

ACP if you have any type of balls if you aren’t complete cowards I suggest you hurry the process up and advise RPF to take me back as leader or make me temporary leader for this war so that it can happen. If you aren’t scared of me you’d better step up and prove it. Not that no fear is going to help you because no amount of bravery is going to help you stepping onto that battlefield with me I will virtually splatter the blood of every ACP penguin across the entire god damned server we fight on. I will do the same to any who dares to be ignorant enough to stand with them. If you help ACP in any way you are the enemy of the entire CP Army Community. Helping ACP sends a message to the rest of us that you are fine with the community one day dying. If you stand with ACP that is what you stand for.

Going back on what I said earlier I want everyone reaching out to Commando717 I want every one of my remaining followers in RPF standing up its time for my return. Its time to bring back real Club Penguin Warfare. We all know that I am the symbol of real Club Penguin Warfare. I am the symbol of real violence, real battle emotion, and real high intensity gladiator battles within the community. I bring out the REAL in Club Penguin Armies. Don’t stop blowing up Commando717’s DMs until you see me on RPF chat as leader I don’t care what army you are from or if you plan on being involved in the Pain Wars 2 or not.

If you want to see violence, destruction, long essays written to insult the leaders of ACP and their high command, if you want to see chants of “DEATH TO ACP” if you want to once again see what we all want to see GENUINE conflict with real hatred and emotions behind it, a battle for REAL PURPOSE. That is what I will deliver to you and as you all know I am very much a man of my word and I intend on the delivery of a bloody war consisting of multiple invasions per day with all troops and leaders required to attend regardless of the circumstances in their lives. I am bringing all of that classic Lord Pain energy that you all miss. The leaders and events these days are boring and half ass and even my own army the RPF is no exception.

These leaders are leading like children and they actually really consider the emotions of their worthless enemies. They are not lions like me they are not ready to take a persons soul. I am and I am fully intending to demonstrate live action what this community is supposed to look like and how we are supposed to use our energy and our emotions to make our armies better. There is no limit on hate speech for me, there is no limit on invasions for me, there is no consideration of how people feel for me. There is just bloody war until my enemy is smashed into the ground dead but not before they watch everything they love burn. ACP that is what is going to happen to you so get ready for that because no matter how long it takes for me to make this your reality believe me its coming.

The RPF and its troops are bored and their current leaders mean nothing to them they aren’t real leaders. Real CP Army Leaders demonstrate the attitude present in this post. If these opinions aren’t shared by you then you are NOT a real leader. These leaders in RPF now have no energy, they do not excite people, their events are not fun. Most importantly people are not scared of them. Its time to bring some excitement into the community so like I said EVERYONE GET IN COMMANDO717S DM AND THE DM OF EVERY CURRENT RPF LEADER ITS TIME FOR MY RETURN AND WE WON’T SETTLE FOR ANY POLITICAL STALEMATES I HAVE ALREADY BEEN LEADER OF RPF AND I HELPED REBUILD IT IN 2013 IT IS MY CHOICE ALONE TO RETURN NO ONE ELSE HAS A SAY IN IT. Don’t delay the inevitable.


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