Could a bit of democracy benefit armies?

Things were (relatively) stable before the original Club Penguin shut down in 2017. Do not get me wrong, Club Penguin Armies still had their ups and downs throughout the years, however, it’s nothing compared to what is going on in the last 3-4 years. CPA have been going through an endless cycle of moving to new CPPS, news websites, shutting down, re-opening, and repeat. I’ve personally quit CPA for quite some time now, but every time I reconnect with friends and check in on what’s happening in CPA, I’m always told that there’s some new scandal that forced a major change. So, the question is, what is causing this instability and how can it be fixed?

Content Table:

A) Philosophy

i) What’s behind the crisis that armies are facing

ii) How democracy could help

B) Politics

i) The new government

ii) The constitution

iii) Independent news

A) Philosophy

What’s behind the crisis that armies are facing

I could write an entire essay analyzing the possible reasons that may have led to this instability, but the reason I’m writing this post is to provide solutions rather than complain, so I will not waste that much time on that. The single thing that has caused the majority of problems in CPA, is the awfully structured system. Some may argue that the real reason is “internet safety”, or “doxxing”, but I personally feel like this is more of a motive than actual causation. Besides, the reason that such scandals are allowed to happen is the lack of a well-structured system. This, of course, raises the question, “But the system has remained mostly the same since the beginning, so what has changed in the last 4 years?”, and you would be right to ask that.

The thing that was different back in the day was that we did not have so much control over things. If you did not like something, you could not just rebel and boycott CPAC or Disney’s Club Penguin, you just kind of rolled with it. In contrast, in the CPPS era, Discord has given armies the ability to achieve things that could not be done so easily in the past, with much less effort and in much less time, making it no big deal to switch to a new CPPS and news website and rebuild. This does not make things better though; you cannot just dismiss the same problem over and over again, you will have to find what is causing it and fix it at some point. 

How democracy could help

This is where the title of this post comes in. Democracy, in the form we know it in real life, could never be implemented in CP Armies. However, we could definitely take some core values of democracy and use them to structure CPA in a better way, and the reason we would want to do that is to achieve what this community has never achieved: fairness. I’m not talking about changing the way armies work individually, in fact, the first post I ever wrote on this website was about how well armies work. I’m instead talking about getting rid of the bias.

Even though the means we use to communicate and battle have changed throughout the years, most core aspects of CPA have stayed the same. For instance, a few people who lead some of the armies, and therefore do not represent the entire community, have legislative, judicial, and executive power, and they control the news as well. How on earth do we expect to be no bias? This flawed system needs to change.

B) Politics

The new government

This is the part of this post where I stop being philosophical and start proposing solutions. Three things are needed to achieve fairness: a government that equally represents the entire community, a well-written constitution, and the independence of news websites.

The new government should consist of the following political bodies:

1) The Leader Council

The body that holds the biggest power will be the Leader Council. It will consist of one leader from each army, which wouldn’t be a problem since all armies have a “Main Leader”. The LC will be the only body to hold the power to create new laws and decide whether they should be implemented, as well as judicial power.

2) The Conference of Counselors

The Conference of Counselors will consist of an equal number (which will be specified in the constitution) of Leaders, 2ics, and 3ics from each army. The COC will be obligated to give their input whenever a new law is proposed by the LC, however they will not be able to vote on it, since that power will only lie upon the LC. The COC will have the ability to vote, though, whenever there’s an appeal (more info on that in the constitution section).

3) The Bureau of Judges

The Bureau of Judges will consist of an equal number of the higher-ranked COC members of each army. As the body’s name suggests, they will be judges in battles, but also the writers of the weekly top 10.

4) The Department of Justice

The Department of Justice will consist of the rest of the COC; again, an equal amount of members from each army. The DOJ will be an investigative body. Their job will be to write reports on potential scandals such as multilogging, and all sorts of malicious acts, which they may present to the LC and COC. They will not have judicial or executive authority though, as that power lies upon the LC.

5) The Graphic Designer Team

The GDT or GFXT is the only body that may consist of an unequal amount of members from each army, and can also consist of people that are already in other bodies. I believe there won’t be a need for me to explain their job description, as the title is pretty self-explanatory.

The constitution

The constitution will be written by all the army leaders and must contain and describe all the rights, responsibilities, authorities, and processes through which the aforementioned bodies will act, as well as the rules that will determine the way that registering new armies will work etc. Although the leaders will finally form the constitution, I have a few suggestions for the sake of fairness:

1) Changes in the constitution and legislative decisions will require a unanimous vote from the LC.

2) Judicial and executive orders will require the overwhelming majority of the LC and not a unanimous vote, since the defendant may be part of the LC.

3) New judging rules (some of these are already implemented): I) Judges cannot be appointed to battles that their army is taking part in. II) Judges will be randomly appointed for a battle with the help of a bot. III) 3 Judges for each battle. IV) One judge, (or two in case something goes wrong), will be obligated to record the entire battle. In case an army believes that the result was biased, they have the right to appeal for a review of the recording. Armies should have a limit to how many appeals they can make in a certain time period. When reviewing a battle, the judges will write reports on why they made their decisions, and the entire COC will review both the reports & tape and vote on who they believe won the battle.

Independent News

The government will not have the right to act as a news website. They may only publish the weekly top 10, as well as official objective documents and reports about new rules, or executive orders. News websites will be independent, meaning that technically everyone can make their own news website or server, but none can be officially affiliated with the government. They may, however, apply to be recognized by the government – a process which will be determined by the constitution-, so that their websites or servers can be displayed in a channel in the government’s server.

What do YOU think? Would this new government idea really work? Would the power-hungry leaders agree to implement this idea? Comment below!

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