How It All Came Into Fruition: The Early Black Alliances and the Beginning of ACP’s Decline, Part One:

Hello, all!

I have warmly accepted Lord Pain’s kind invitation to write for this fine and forthcoming institution. Politics were always the higher-order contemplation I had not been writing as much in general until recently, so please bear with me. Alas, I will indeed begin by speaking to the community about a topic still near and dear to my heart, and relevant to the landscape of a great portion of OG Club Penguin Warfare’s history. Tables were turned, an ancient power ultimately saw its fortunes reverse, nearly irrevocably, and new legacies from anti-establishment insurgents were formed and cemented. As well, my own career in this social sphere arguably peaked around this particular turbulent era, as my energy and perceived clarity of thought had never been stronger. From the core of my online identity here outward, the tumultuous transformation of Club Penguin Warfare in 2012-2013 stands out to me as an example of creativity and justice ultimately prevailing, and a reminder that raw passion winning out, however long its development and cultivation may be.

(GLORY TO THE LIGHT TROOPS EMPIRE | Club Penguin Online: Light Troops (
(Declaration Of War On The Light Troops | ACP: The Official Army of Club Penguin | Club Penguin Army Clover Defenders (

Smack dab in the middle of the original CPA generation’s chronology, the Black Alliance Wars pitted the earliest powers of the army network against much of the rising newcomers of that day and age. Almost all in CPA, even in the modern phase of our community, know of the traditional rivalry between the Nacho sphere of influence and the various ACP-directed alliances. This sequence of passionate clashes, lasting from later 2006 through early 2011, perhaps was seeded in the earliest days of Warfare in part by psycho-social principles. Here, I think of the apparent fact that the green pioneers were more serious and introverted in functioning (with more ambiguous personality types at their top ranks), while the UMA and Nachos displayed intelligent, outgoing, and witty tendencies commonly associated with extroversion. For all of the perks of the smarts and personality characteristics more-strongly linked to either end of the spectrum, ACP mostly excelled overall and frequently came out on top in its rivalries against Nachos and the Underground Mafias Army. For sure, the consistent humor and freedom emphasis of the original anti-ACP factions were attractive to a very sizable portion of the early community. Still, I suspect that the relative appearance of peace and order within ACP’s network attracted even more followers, especially in this era. This possibly accounted for their long-term dominance then. Nevertheless, the green force was all but humiliated in late 2008 after a failed breach of Mammoth’s tentative neutrality/shared status for the broader game sphere of the time. This showed that the Army of Club Penguin was not invincible. The Nachos arguably would edge out the ACP in many of the earlier sequences of various wars and likely enjoyed a more-creative and entertaining XAT chat for much of their own legendary history.

Found on the official Nacho website’s history page.
Also found on the Nacho website’s history gallery.

Eventually, a more-serious and hardline group of Club Penguin Army participants originating within the overarching Nacho culture would go on to found the Night Warriors. At their early 2011 peak, commanded by Vendetta, the NW would go on to temporarily surpass their spiritual ancestors. Following escalating tensions between them and the still fairly new and supposedly fresh Doritos army, ACP ultimately stepped in to defend their ally. Vendetta countered by rallying a fierce coalition including the still-ascendant Nachos and two other historical competitors of ACP: Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors. Indeed, this war’s climax points were again fairly recently well-summarized by veteran Coolster114 in a post found HERE: The deterioration of the Night Warriors’ armies group went beyond the return of historical ACP titans to turn the tides at their army’s then-darkest hours; as well, it would appear that the perceived rigidity and strictness of the NW chat atmosphere also served as a factor undercutting their union’s long-term chances of victory.

Following ACP’s success at once more topping their opposition, Vendetta largely faded away, for a time, and the conventional warring alliances, exhausted by an edgy exchange of hostility, found a surprising common cause afterwards. Most major participating factors of the fifth CPA world war would seek to further defuse remaining unease among themselves by creating their own “Fruit Alliance.” From there, they formulated a war plan against a myriad of smaller armies at the time, harping back to the ACP-Nacho-dominated “Order 67” of 2008. It is probable that this was the most-direct turning point in CP Warfare history regarding the origins of Black Alliance and the reversal of fortunes for the enduring regime over CP Warfare of the early 2010’s.

Indeed, the emergence of BA sought to counteract large army aggression in a changing social order of establishment reconciliation. And notably, Ioioluk, then a rising star within the smaller groups of the community, somewhat-quietly grew in ambition and determination to seek justice for his own network. From his original Blue Miners Army Project, he would ultimately transfer his counterparts and followers to a new army identity, a striking legacy that still resonates with us to this very day. Dating back to the era of the fifth world war, Ioioluk’s association would survive the invasions and raids directed at the small army community by ACP and Nachos. By the early fall of 2011, this man’s charisma and out-of-the-box thinking would play a major role in the Light Troops’ victories over a recreated RBAA, the Elites army, and a rebellion within its ranks that was supported by another medium-sized power, the Blizzard Warriors, and purportedly even Kenneth and Flipper’s ACP command. At this juncture, Roberto, a strong general within LT and very temporarily at odds with Ioioluk amidst the insurgency alliance period, grow more-experienced by the day. Before long, a new large yellow-clad powerhouse was on the horizon, but still, a large swath of the army social network could not see this turn coming. After the the final resolution of the turmoil internally challenging Ioioluk’s authority over his creation, the ACP’s “Flen” leadership posted a milk-themed invasion schedule against the Light Troops. Fury would swirl soon after amongst many within CPA. And, it was only fitting at this time that Black Alliance rose again in the midst of escalating heat between the budding LT insurgency and the status-quo Army of Club Penguin. While ACP’s dominance was left intact in a close victory over the LT-led coalition, The growing “Rio” command

Meanwhile, and backing up a little bit back to Summer of 2011, we witnessed another arguable mistake committed by the Army of Club Penguin with ethical implications at hand throughout a preliminary challenge to the traditional order’s lineup. An up-and-coming group, Golden Troops, had found its groove with the skilled Riotors at its helm, alongside other successful leaders working with him. The GT would temporarily supersede ACP to claim the top ranking, in turn motivating ACP’s leadership to jab at the Golden Troops’ emerging culture at the time. A brief yet intense war soon ensued, with Golden Troops outmatched at a critical hour. Another future legend’s quest for fairness was thus cemented at this time, for Lord Pain‘s drive to avenge GT and kill ACP was only just in its infancy.

ACP’s apparent effort to force Golden Troops in a weakened position, at the height of OG GT, in a Late Summer 2011 post.

Moving on past both of these later 2011 conflicts, ACP and Light Troops remained tense in the aftermath of Black Alliance’s second incarnation, and despite their close defeat to the administration of Kenneth and Flipper, “Flen,” Roberto and Ioioluk continued to gain power, particularly through, in my assessment, their divergent thinking. In a community long operating as fast-paced as our own, creativity is of utmost importance. For better or for worse, the Light Troops and their correspondents, such as the Underground Mafias Army and eventually the Pirates, would follow in their footsteps. This budding cultural insurgency used meme’s, however edgy, to inspire moral and unity amongst its masses. During the winter of 2011-2012 and spring of 2012, ACP would continue to hold off Light Troops’ efforts at knocking them down. With low points scattered throughout, the Light Troops, Pirates, Dark Warriors, SWAT, and Coolster’s UMA, among other rising of the time all were strengthening and readying for a moment to prove their resurgences

One of Light Troops’ memes/inspirational posters, directed against ACP. Ioioluk would post this as part of a recollection in his final 2017 retirement post.

Fast forward to Summer of 2012. I under, the alias of Worror Dowmat, had gained some degree of influence within RPF and UMA of the time. But, personally, I was developing bipolar mania for the first time, and for what it is worth, my perceptions of right and wrong were not what they once were. I detested Light Troops for much of the existence up until this point, but as my mind swirled with angsty energy, I began to see the apparent need of competition between CPA’s top dogs and the insurgency budding right below them. The coming clash, as I saw it, would, would be required no matter how intense and full of flaming. As such, I wound up parting ways with my mentor at the time, Cassius Brutus, traditionally a loyalist of ACP’s effort who now held considerable sway over my two armies of that period.

Yes, I adopted a “dark” and edgy persona, and also came to wear my introversion and autism with a sense of fresh pride. Initially, believed it would do well to complement the type of minds found in Nachos, who, under legend Tanman’s directive, were just wrapping up the first truly successful campaign waged against ACP in years. By this time, the good will between the two classical rivals had again ebbed amidst the seeming disappearance of Black Alliance and low activity from the Light Troops. Perhaps motivated by ACP’s defeat, Ioioluk saw an opening for his purportedly sleepy forces, and the LT were once more on the move. Somehow, after warmer talks with Ioioluk, I myself acquired a hicom rank in Light Troops through my own one-on-one motivational capacity. Regrettably, poor performance in that area, in practice, when it came to speaking to larger audiences, would be one of my undoing as “Darth” Proditor. Furthermore, our own campaign into ACP’s territory were not forthcoming at this time; the community as a whole was in a lull after the aforementioned prolonged summer battle between ACP and the victorious nachos.

Nevertheless, my passion to make a name for my own person was only swelling. And it was around this time that I finally met Lord Pain for the first time, who was himself rising again in Pretzels. This happened through a mutual connection of ours, Mach, a UMA-associated head face in the Black Alliances thus far. We would talk about shared hobbies, namely Star Wars and psychology in Club Penguin Armies (Yes, I always will admit, I often think too deeply about this game. He made my day by saying how much he enjoyed our conversing, and of course, overcoming the establishment of the time was what helped us connect so freely. Before long, we were plotting and planning.

Also, around this time, Ioioluk had temporarily retired from Light Troops, and his successor, Kooldude, graciously added me to his short-term command. Sadly, a lack of experience, coupled with my hypomanic spaciness, did not serve them well. Nevertheless, the moral rebellion against the ACP-directed status quo was only gaining steam from the shadows. Lord Pain would continue to inspire and plan from the sidelines, predominantly as instructions to Mach, and myself shaped the BA, while the Light Troops, SWAT, DW, and Pirates would ascend in the outward spheres of this budding revolution.

The road to Pain Wars, friends, was just finally getting started…

Keep up with CPAPP for the remainder of this tale!

David “Proditor.”

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