Golden Troops Searching for New Leaders

Greetings CPAPP,

We will be assisting the Golden Troops with publicity and in any other area we can with their revival. As some of you may know although GT wasn’t my first army things happened there that led to me calling it my home army. The Golden Troops have produced many legendary figures and once took a prime ACP out of their number 1 spot and took it for themselves. The last time GT was number 1 was 2014 and I believe with the right leadership behind it GT can be a force to be reckoned with once more. Whoever leads GT will have me in the background for financial support which is already a key factor given the fact that armies are becoming more expensive. GT has a digg 3 site ranked first on google with a paid for domain and css and as long as I’m around they will keep those things. You will be tasked with building the foundation of GT and keeping it a consistent army in the large top ten. I am shooting for nothing less than a leadership capable of leading GT to number 1.

If GT’s site graphics are upgraded along with its pages and a good team of leaders are put together with a recruiting plan the possibilities are unlimited. Join in this crusade and get a shot at taking over one of the armies that greatly shaped the legendary Lord Pain. There are further details on the Golden Troops site and also an application for people to apply to on the post about their hiatus. On that application you can apply for leader, 2ic, or 3ic. I want to get a whole new leadership team and new owners in there as well. I am looking for any former top 3 army leaders and I will be willing to look at certain top 5 leaders of certain pedigrees. You will be free to shape GT into whatever type of army you dream of as long as you stick to traditions and achieve the sizes I am looking for. Check GT’s site for further information and the application to apply for a rank:

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