CPAPP and partners have officially released a Minecraft Server in which armies can participate by creating their own factions. This enables armies to create allies or enemies as they build their bases and gather resources to raid or fight other armies on the server. For example, the RPF faction can ally the ACP to take on the Nachos. The server will be cracked, meaning you won’t need to actually purchase Minecraft to play.

Server Address:


Free version of Minecraft – https://tlauncher.org/en/

I recommend that CPA leaders who haven’t already, should log on as soon as possible in order to reserve / create their faction names before they are taken by people who aren’t leaders. The server version is 1.16.4 and you will be updated as updates are made to the server via the CPAPP #minecraft channel. The Server address will also be updated very soon as we are waiting for the domain to process. Have fun!


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