Thoughts on the Current State of Club Penguin Warfare

Dear Community

Following the shutdown of many Club Penguin Private Servers and recent doxing scandals, the community finds itself in a position similar to 2017. Most armies have closed their doors, including IW, WV and DCP. Though some like ACP and RPF are planning to reopen on HTML5 servers in the near future, Club Penguin Warfare is in uncertain territory.

The biggest crisis at the moment is the lack of community-wide leadership. Though CPAH had its problems, it gave armies purpose and a sense of direction. Only a few weeks ago, some people were calling for anarchy, yet now we see what happens when there is a vacuum of authority. Armies have been torn apart, and a dark age has befallen us.

At the end of the day, order is better than chaos. The community has to unite, and it has to unite fast. In the earliest days of Club Penguin, people from different backgrounds and interests were able to come together to agree upon core principles like the 24 hour invasion rule. Unless there is some form of governance, armies will soon be unable to see eye to eye on basic matters like who won or lost a battle. If that becomes the case, the very essence of Club Penguin Warfare will have been lost and the prospects of survival will become bleak. A new league, council or similar structure has to be created soon, ideally one wherein power is not vested to only a select-few individuals.

Let us learn from the mistakes of the past. Doxing, harassment and immoral vices must be purged. We cannot continue to tolerate the diseases that led to the decline of armies between 2013-2017. Back then, corruption became the norm, and the number of addicts and no-lifers in the community rose in significant proportion to the amount of genuine, decent people. Multilogging infested even the best of armies, and nepotism crept into influential organisations like CPAC. The fact of the matter is that we never recovered from these problems, but if we work together we can weather the current storm and flip the course of the community.

We also have to remember that this only a game. The original point of Club Penguin armies was to engage in battles and fight wars. All of us just want to have fun. If we remember our purpose, we will take the right steps forward to initiate change. Armies have benefited a lot of people over the years, and personally speaking, I found a lot of pleasure in writing posts in my spare time as a kid. I am sure there are others out there who share similar sentiments. It would be a shame if this community just surrenders and dies.

The time to turn the tide is now. As it stands, the Club Penguin Warfare player-base remains fairly big. The process of recovery is easy. All we need is for dedicated individuals to rise to the occasion. In the coming days and weeks ahead, I hope such people do step up and pave the way for a better future.

Colour Wars Veteran | UMA Legend | S/M Army Legend


‘Where Has the Fun Gone?’ by Sarah, CPAE (2011)

‘Hacking and Pretending’ by Sarah, CPAE (2011)

‘D.D.O.S and Doxing’ by Flipmoo, CPAC (2013)

‘The Problem With CP Armies Today’ by Rioters, SMAC (2015)

‘Who Are We To Blame?’ by Bluesockwa1, CPAC (2015)

‘The Community’s Moral Vicissitude’ by Verum, CPAC (2016)

‘The Death of Armies: 2016, 2017, When?’ by Emperor Flor, CPAC (2016)

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About Geɴerαl Ƈσσℓѕтєя₁₁₄

The name is Coolster114. I joined Club Penguin around the time of the Colour Wars, and I served in the UMA as a rogue during World War Three. Over the years, I've influenced a number of armies like UMA, Pirates and FGR. In 2012, CPAC/SMAC inducted me as an S/M Legend, and since then I've served in several Legends Committees for different organisations. Outside of leading armies, I've also held senior positions in the Club Penguin Army Council, steered SMAC as an (unofficial) Acting CEO for several months in 2014, and masterminded the Black Alliance as Supreme Commander/Founding Brother during WW6.

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