Club Penguin Armies: Minecraft

The following was written by Ming / Parker

Why CPA should transition to Minecraft Factions

By Ming

Hello all,

You are reading this because Disney has enacted their power and placed a cease and desist in place for all existing Club Penguin Private Servers. I have come to you all with a proposition. This proposition would involve migrating from Club Penguin Armies to Minecraft Factions. 

This has raised some questions from fellow CP players. “How would we move to Minecraft?”, “It’s CP Armies for a reason,” etc. Here is my statement on the migration itself, regardless of the set rules. Club Penguin is ending and/or already over. I understand the nostalgia of playing, and how the rules have been set and easy to follow because we have done them for years. Let’s migrate to something new. CPA started as nothing at one point, and look where it is at. With a little bit of dedication from a committed playerbase, we can make something even better. 

The biggest issue at the beginning will be starting the server. Nobody is going to host the server from a computer, so in theory we will need to have some benefactors contributing to the cause of this server. That is why donations will be encouraged, but not make the game pay to win. This is all an IDEA and there are still many things that need to be worked out behind the scenes to kick it off the ground, but bear with me as I lay down the framework of this. 

Ruleset and Framework

  1. Army Registration is going to be the main focus at the start of this server. Armies that are registering will need to be approved by our team. Once approved, the leader will be given permission to create a Faction for their army, and they can invite their troops to join. They will be registered as an army in the database and will be an option for new players to join. Small armies will be disbanded if seen without activity for x amount of days.
  2. Leaving and joining armies will be allowed. It will be allowed at the cost of a lengthy process. Our team will have to examine the players and be sure that things were not stolen or griefed from the army they are leaving.
  3. Unscheduled Raiding will be a high end stake with a lot of controversy. There are rules in place to prevent betrayal, such as prevention of item loss on your own territory. This may be voided if you enter combat outside of claimed territory and run back in. Combat Logging plugins will be enabled to prevent people from logging out mid combat. It is free reign to attack someone if they are in the wilderness, or in someone else’s territory that is not their own. If there are issues with an unscheduled raid, then players can take it up with our claims team to make the final ruling.
  4. Scheduled Events will be the main focus of this. In CP, events went with numbers, tactics, and formations. With Minecraft, the plan would be to have a predetermined battle setting. A landscape crafted for stealth, open ended battle, etc. There are multiple ways battle could be conducted. 10v10, 20v20, etc. 
    1. Capture The Flag – This could be a mode for wins under an armies belt. Predetermined kits can be set for members of the army participating in the battle. There would be a win condition of x amount of flags captured. In the meantime, you can have people pvping and guarding the flag while others set out to capture the flag. You can arrange your troops however you like. Defenders, Attackers, and Commanders will most likely be the ideal setup. Troops can fight while attacking/defending and chasing for the flag. [ADD MORE]
    2. Rags to Riches – This mode would be the same as a predetermined fighting landscape. The difference is this would be the last man standing. You and your army fight with your own gear in this scenario. Whatever you walk away with is yours. Your leader can decide if you keep or yourself or divy out to the rest of the army.
    3. Troop of the Week – This mode can help with deciding troop of the week/month. An event will be held where an army sends 1 or a few of their best fighters to participate in a game where the last man standing can earn points toward their army’s standings in the ranks and other bonuses (yet to be determined). [ADD MORE]
    4. King of the Hill – An ongoing event in the public warzone where armies can fight to be King of the Hill. A constantly moving once captured spot where you hold down a position for x amount of time while fighting your foes for their items. *this is more of a free for all depending on how you coordinate it.*
  5. Top 10 Factions has a built in ranking system. This system however, is based on members, faction power (built in numbers, not strength), money in the factions bank, and value of blocks placed on their land. There will be another top 10 created that is based on strength and winnings from events. 
  6. Shops/Market – Armies will have an army bank. They can deposit money into this bank for someone in their army to manage. Players will also have an individual balance. Please check Section 9 Subsection ii. 
    1. Trading goods and even services could be an essential part of the server as a whole. Each army can have a player market set up where their players can trade goods (items) or services (repairing items, mining for others, etc) for an in game currency.
    2. Server Markets will be available for all players to access, having goods (items, gear, etc). The Server Market almost invites the players to create a market inviting free trade and fluctuations in prices. The Server Market will have essential items to players and potentially decorative blocks and other things that are harder to come by.
  7. Individual Player Ranks/Skills
    1. Skill Points can be awarded to players who are efficient in their trade. Following along with the Jobs below, we may have a system where players can earn points in areas such as Combat, Gathering, Manufacturing, etc. For those of you that are familiar with the Minecraft plugin McMMO, we may use this as well for the server. 
  8. Staff
    1. Developers – This server will need to have developers for custom plugins. We can find existing plugins to do the basics, but eventually we will have the need to modify said plugins or add in new things, so we will need a team of developers willing to help create this server.
    2. Builders – Builders will be an essential part of our team to create landscapes for war, the player shops, the server market, and other things yet to be created. People who have an eye for innovation and creativity. 
    3. Moderators – Moderators will be required to keep the server running at a rule abiding capacity, while encouraging a fun environment. Their job will be to maintain order, moderate any debates/arguments between armies, and watch for rule breakers. They would be judges and moderators in wars to be sure everything is done fairly, and handle any problems.
    4. Administrators – Admins will be more on the backend of things, making sure that the server is run smoothly from a backend point of view. Anything from configuration things, making decisions, etc.
    5. Donators – Donors are not a required role, and may never come to pass. I’m thinking of creating a role for people who invest their money into keeping the server running for play. They will be granted small things such as the ability to change their nicknames and things of that nature.
    6. Claims – A Claims Department would be a requirement for the server for multiple reasons. They would handle any reports of hackers, cheaters, etc. They would check through any evidence and validate or deny claims. They would also help out in the refund of items due to death by hackers.
    7. Troop Appeals – The Troops Appeals team would deal with the transfer of membership from one army to another smoothly. They would be sure that all requirements are met for one player to move to another army. 
  9. Problems That May Arise
    1. Server Administration – This will be one of the main issues to come. The League (whatever name they go by) staff and server staff are going to be hard to come by. It will be an argument for sure to decide who becomes staff on this server. The biggest issues in the past are scandals within the community. With the rules that are laid out, and the changes that can be made, it will be easier to find a staff dedicated to having fun in the game instead of letting problems run rampant throughout the community. Some of the biggest media scandals have influenced the tide in army standings within the community. The way that war and points will be setup is virtually perfect in preventing riggings and things of that nature.
    2. Learning a New System – It will be difficult at first to get everything ironed out. The plan is to slowly draft people into the server, most likely army leaders, HCOM, etc, to get them acquainted with running the system. There will be training on any commands or anything that needs to be done to ensure a smooth operation. There will also be guides on our website that you can direct members to if they have any questions. This section will go over each plugin that is essential to the player, and then there will be links to a potential guide of the structure of their army that the leaders will create.
    3. Hackers – This is the first thing that came to mind. What do you do about a player that is hacking in game? That is where our moderators, admins, and claims department step in. The claims department will review all of the information provided by the claimee and decide if the accused is guilty or innocent. The moderators and admins will take the steps to remove the player from the game. After that, if the accuser killed anyone with hacks or stole from them with the assistance of cheats such as noclip to get into otherwise restricted areas of access, then the claims department would help in refunding the items to that player. 
    4. Rogues – Rogues have been a part of CPA for a long time. Players with no real affiliation, just joining in to join in. At the start of the server, when the player loads in, they will have to select an army to affiliate with. Each army will have an area describing life in said army and how they operate, to help the player choose an army. Rogues will not be able to advance into the world without being affiliated with an army.
    5. Army Hoppers – Army Hoppers have been around forever. They can never decide what army they want to be in, or just can’t stick with one. There will be a cooldown between joining armies to help prevent people from hopping around.
    6. Inactive Troops – Inactive troops will be removed from armies after x amount of time spent inactive. Once they hit a certain point of not logging in, or if leaders come to us prior for preservation of quality (wanting their army to keep a certain point of activity), we will look into removing them or the system will remove them automatically. 
    7. Troops Leaving – If a troop happens to leave an army unexpectedly, they will be stripped of their permissions and warped to the start area, where they will have to go through the process of joining another army. If it is during time of cooldown, they will have to submit an appeal.
    8. Betrayal – There will be a system in place to prevent death behind allied lines. Inventory loss will be disabled on faction bases, unless both factions agree to a set list of terms and sign said document, so they cannot go back on their word. Anyone that is an enemy will not be able to destroy blocks on the land of another army. They may be able to kill another player (but it won’t affect any status, and if it is excessive then action will be taken by staff).
    9. Multi Logging – I wouldn’t put it past some people to multi-log and raise the power of their faction/army. The rules in place for inactive troops may help with this, but we will also be enacting ways to prevent multi=logging from the same IP. People who have siblings that play can submit a claim that will be evaluated by our team for legitimacy purposes. 
    10. Recruiting – Recruiting may be one of the biggest issues you could potentially run into. If enough people transition from the start, then it shouldn’t be an issue to get our server high up on server lists (e.g. Planet Minecraft, Minecraft Server List, Minecraft-MP). Recruiting can be done on many forums for play. We will make a guide for recruiting as we build the foundation for this transition. 
    11. Paying for Minecraft – It would be surprising to find a huge sum of players without Minecraft. In the case that the majority does not have the game, then we could look into making a server that is offline, and providing a guide for players to play a cracked version of minecraft. The difference in a CPPS and a cracked version of Minecraft is you won’t have Mojang knocking on your door with a warrant for your arrest. Multi Logging could potentially be a problem, but with the correct moderation of IP Logs, we will be able to prevent temporarily or permanently banned members from logging in, and multi loggers as well with routine user base cleaning.
    12. Not Being Able to Run Minecraft – Sorry, we can’t tend to everyone’s beck and call. Majority will rule in this case. CPPS’ don’t exist anymore, so it isn’t a good argument to say anyone can play CP.
  10. Army Structure
    1. Jobs – For armies, you could structure your army around jobs/responsibilities for your members. Ranks will actually have a purpose in your army. You won’t be blindly moving up through ranks like in CPA. The difference in CPA ranks is that the only real status change is when you go from Member to Moderator to HCOM. This is always open to interpretation or reorganization, but potentially this is what an army could be set up as.
      1. Farmer – You have a set group of members as farmers. Their job is to help build farms for your army to help gain profit and power in the world of free trade. The Server Market will allow selling of things such as minerals and resources such as farming materials. This can be put into a faction bank. They can also manage things such as animals for the resources of food and materials.
      2. Treasurer – The Factions system has an implemented bank system to coincide with the economy of the server. Players can put their money in the faction bank. HCOM for armies can assign treasurers to help keep track of funding for their troops. Funding could go towards gear, food, items, etc for other jobs in the faction.
      3. Foragers – These will be the players who go out and get things like wood, stone, food, etc. Things that are essential to the foundation of most branches in an army (wood providing things like building blocks, sticks, etc). 
      4. Miners – Miners will be the foundation of your material building. They will provide the minerals to either sell for economic purposes or build your arsenal of weaponry and tools for your troops. They can present it to shop keepers for profit or to your weaponsmiths.
      5. Diplomats – The diplomats of your army can handle foreign affairs with other armies. Whether that be declaring war, trading under the table, or teaming up to form an alliance. They will deal with anything involving other armies.
      6. Armourers – These will be the people who work in the barracks of your army. Managing the armoury and the weaponry. They can dish out the heat when it comes down to a war, equipping troops with equipment should they be lacking said equipment. They can be the ones who focus on gathering XP to enchant weapons and maintaining the quality by repairing others gear. They will be more relevant in the “Rags to Riches” events by salvaging gear that was received from wiping the enemies clean.
      7. Shop Keepers – Shop Keepers will keep track of how the economy is forming and put the items your army has come to them with up for sale or trade. They will monitor price fluctuation and determine the best source of income for your army while making good deals with other armies/troops.
      8. Warriors – These will be the cream of the crop fighters.for your army. They will be in charge of gathering points and wins for your army. They will do the majority of the fighting and gear collecting from fallen soldiers. 
      9. Alchemists – Alchemists of the army will be responsible for providing potions and concoctions for your players to use in whatever trade they may be in. For example, the Alchemists may brew fire resistance potions or strength potions for the warriors. They could brew speed potions or jump boost potions for the cartographers/explorers to aid in exploration.
      10. Architects – These will be the builders of your base. They will give a foundation for the operations side of your army. Creating anything from barracks to armories to protection.
      11. Cartographer/Explorer – The responsibility of this role could be exploring the surrounding areas for a potential new base area, places for the Foragers to find new materials, or places for Miners to find new minerals. They can examine the land and even lock down a base of operations for other armies, and keep track of their movements for various purposes.
      12. Engineers – The engineers will look for ways to increase efficiency across the board for your army. Automating things and being efficient with redstone will be essential for someone in this role.
      13. HCOM – Members of HCOM will be making decisions behind the scenes for the betterment of their armies. They can assign roles and promote/demote members of their army. They can assign group leaders for each role to pass down the chain of command.
      14. Public Relations – These will be the members of your army that deal with things like recruiting and advertising on different forums and places of recruitment. It will be essential for these members to be driven and determined to bring new players to the server and your army.
  11. Potential Additions
    1. Army Resource Packs – Armies can provide a resource pack for all their soldiers to use that can help them brand their army for their troops.
    2. Army Structure Form – Leaders of armies will be required to fill out a form to help guide new members of the hierarchy and operation status of their faction. This will help new players get a grasp on their position within the rankings and how to progress and move around. This will all be different because army leaders will decide how their armies operate.
    3. Medal System – This system will allow army HCOM to award medals and such, which can be viewed with a command in the chat. Other armies can view these achievements and decide rankings and such if there is an army switch.
    4. No End World – The biggest issue with the End is there is no real use to the world of factions. This world might be disabled to prevent too much discrepancy in the armies locations.
    5. World Border – The border will not be small, however the world will not be infinite. This will help with lag due to many players loading new chunks and the inability to find other players in the wilderness.

Seasonal World Resets – The Top 10 and rankings will potentially go by seasons (not like winter, summer, etc). There could be seasons such as Season 1, 2, 3, etc. Each season will be x amount of time, and after that, the world resets. This will help with any biome grief and a freshness of the game.

What do YOU think about Club Penguin Armies transitioning to Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

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