Addressing The Recent Circumstances

Greetings People of CP Armies,

Recently the community has gone into chaos from many people being threatened and armies shutting down along with the recent incident of my discord account getting banned and the original CPAPP chat going along with it. Armies have dealt with people threatening to dox one another for many years now. High ranked people from both armies and media organizations have been getting targeted. As a result of this armies have been shutting down left and right. We will push forward and we will survive this storm. Nothing will stop my plans for expanding CPAPP into the media organization that armies have always needed. CPAPP is merely a stepping stone for a much larger plan that I have. We have been banning any suspicious characters on our discord and we will continue to do so.

CPAPP will continue to function normally and I send this warning to those participating in any nefarious deeds. This warning is simple with the number of people in this community and the amount of panic you can count on someone going farther than reporting you on discord to get rid of you. There is a chance people will call or email to report you to the proper authorities and honestly the police turning up at your house over you doxing people in armies might be more embarrassing than someone simply finding out about your army career in your life. I have seen these kind of people a lot in my 12 years in CP Warfare. They are weak people they are cowards who have no power in real life and the feeling of being able to threaten someone is like a drug to them because its a feeling they can not obtain anywhere else.

For those of you in enough of a panic to actually say that armies will end over this its my suggestion to you not to be so over dramatic. The people making these threats right now know that they aren’t long for this community especially with all of this attention on them. For anyone who wants to know how to be safe its pretty simple. Delete all of your social media, use an email only for armies, and do not comment on any media websites especially CPAH. I apologize for remaining silent this long when my account got deleted that was very personal for me. I had that account since my RPF days when armies first came to discord. I had a lot of history on there and a lot important conversations between important people. A lot of that could of been transformed into content for CPAPP and now it will never reach the light.

In the minds of the people on the other side of this they may think that they have some sort of right to do this to peer into someone’s personal information and possibly scar them for life by contacting someone in their life. This once happened to someone named Pablo from RPF he was using a picture of someone on his high school football team and when he got doxed for no good reason (not that there is one) he was made into a joke by his entire school. He never returned but when people do this to others they don’t think about the consequences both for themselves and their target. I’m going to be honest you could very well be responsible for either causing thoughts of suicide or worst case scenario you could be the cause of a death. Everyone in armies are simply trying to enjoy themselves in the one safe place that they have. For those participating in these activities against innocent members of the community I beseech you, you must stop now before its too late.

In the world of CP Armies whatever name we use is our name and it is who we are in this online world we have created. We are not supposed to know anything beyond that we are not supposed to know a persons real life details. That is for that person to know alone, they came here to play a game. Whatever they did to make you angry enough to want to harm them it doesn’t go as deep as you think. You can either work it out or you can leave it alone but you can not dox them or do anything along those lines. Whatever in your mind makes you so much better than that person that you have the right to inflict harm on them just remember all its going to do is come back to you 100 fold. Waterkid and all of the others who’ve wronged people on the internet they are not sitting in a good place right now. To use forbidden illegal techniques to invade someone’s privacy or worse is nothing more than selfish, evil, and misguided. People who do this teach themselves no one is innocent you may think whatever they said or did is worthy of it but you don’t see their pain behind the computer screen.

All people look at is inwards when they do things to others over the internet. You need to remind yourself of the innocence of the other side because regardless of whatever they did to deserve your wrath its all a game to them and it should be that to you and I think you have just forgotten that it is you’ve gotten caught up in harming others and it may feel good now but the end result is always the same for these people. The end result is shame, regret, and if its gone far enough and you’ve been reported you deal with the consequences on the side of the law. Put this nonsense down now stop doxing, stop hacking, stop doing whatever you’re doing. If you have an enemy in the game of CP Warfare you defeat them inside the game of CP Warfare on the battlefield and you reconcile your differences.

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