If Armies were Dog Breeds

To start off, I want readers to know this is simply a fun post that I have been wanting to write for awhile! If you disagree with any of my matches of dog breed and army, feel free to leave a comment about what dog breed you think would match better! Without further ado, here are the dog breeds I think armies would be!

Rebel Penguin Federation: German Shepherds

German Shepherds are large dogs, originally bred to herd and guard sheep due to their speed and strength. Today, they are more often used by police and military for those same abilities, as well as their focused attitude when on the job. This is a perfect match for RPF, a large army known to be powerful and focused on winning tournaments and their number 1 spot!

Army of Club Penguin: Saint Bernard

Another large dog, these gentle giant canines are a working dog coming from the western alps. Bred to withstand the climates of the Swiss and Italian alps, they were used for search and rescues along with working at the hospice at the Great St Bernard Pass on the border of the two countries. Their large size along with their coming-to-the-rescue abilities gives them ACP as a match! Fun Fact: the collar these dogs are often portrayed with are called keg collars, so when a pair found someone, one would lay on them and provide a drink while the other went back to alert their handlers!

Ice Warriors: Alaskan Malamute

Left: an Alaskan Malamute. Right: a Siberian Husky

Coming from Alaska, these dogs were bred to fight the cold, able to withstand temperatures as low as -20°F, making them a good choice for IW. Besides the obvious chilly connection, Alaskan malamutes are very large dogs (larger than huskies) in the working class, as they were used to pull sleds carrying heavier loads as they are much stronger than their husky counterparts built more for speedy quick small ones. Driven when on the job these are strong-willed dogs when they want something, making them a good IW match because for example, we often see their member count shoot up when they want to win a battle!

Doritos of CP: Pit bulls

Pit bulls unfortunately have a reputation that isn’t the best, but a lot of pit bulls are just like most dogs in other breeds. They are fun and playful and I get pinged daily for games in DCPs server, making them a good match. One of my own dogs is part pit bull and the gentlest dog anyone in our family has ever met (also very smart and helpful as she gets us the paper in the morning!). Pit bulls are strong dogs, while DCP has continued to have strong sizes, so I chose to pair them together!

Help Force: Golden Retriever

These classically happy large dogs are known to be excellent for families as they are friendly, playful dogs. Fetch is among their favorites, because its similar to retrieving waterfowl like they were originally bred to do with their famous soft mouths that can gently carry things without piercing anything. Their friendly playful demeaner reminded me of Help Force, who are large but tend to focus on the more fun activities than the wars.

Water Vikings: Boykin Spaniel

Boykin Spaniels are a medium sized dog, who loves the water. Like Vikings, their history is in boats and waters, as these dogs were bred to be waterfowl hunters and retrievers, with their medium instead of large size advantageous on boats. The American Kennel Club describes these breeds as friendly and eager, but love the hunt as well, which makes them a good choice for WV.

I hope you enjoyed the fun post and dog pictures! Feel free to comment if you think any armies should be a different breed!

– Vivala

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