Cancel Culture: The War Beyond Penguins

Since rejoining the community, I always wondered why is there a lack of wars? Though I could never find a definite answer, I’ve come to the realization we face a greater enemy in a longer-lasting war than even the RPF vs Nachos. Penguin vs. penguin pales in comparison to man vs. society; cancel culture.

Before delving further into this philosophy, what is stated here is a culmination of all my beliefs in the last few months. I believe my several positions in the community qualifies me better than anyone else aside from the bourgeois of the community to speak on the subject. I began in the Dark Bandits and later defected to the Doritos to join the rising power. Once the stages of unification were built, the Club Penguin Army Hub was established, and my brief tenure as an Executive Producer contributed to the rise of the media conglomerate. Ending my career was the Underground Mafias, which couldn’t endure the depravity of the greedy.

For some backstory, here’s my story. Recently, the army I birthed with several of my friends was a victim of the crude, backstabbing community. The Underground Mafias was inevitable to face cancellation in the new era, yet it pains me to say how soon we faced backlash. The derogatory, interdicting post featured several screenshots out of context and received recognition from hypocrites. Once submitted, administrators and advisors from the Club Penguin Army Hub voted on the matter before army leaders too saw to the end of our army’s social involvement. I cannot blame those who voted, if I was an army leader, I too would feel threatened for my army and sought to protect the innocent minds. However, as the leader and someone who fortunately was not besieged by ridicule, all I can do really is laugh. A gregarious army meant to be disliked by all and hold strong relations with a few was destroyed internally, and externally.

In the words of my co-leader Cobra, “Nothing stands in the way of the idea of the Underground Mafias Army, nothing. Sure, maybe you can beat us in war, but you will never beat the idea of the UMA culture.”

Right, our culture prevailed when our army failed. Our chat was thriving, many veterans admitted having a sense of comfort in our server, and the atmosphere itself was therapeutic. The lack of restriction enticed soldiers from all corners of the community to gather in one central location, and speak their mind. Though we maintained a moderation system, carte blanche was important. Our army would have thrived in any atmosphere except today’s precedent standards. Homophobia and sexism aren’t apart of the UMA Crew culture we carried on, it’s the lack of care and banter. Who was the prolific person among us that set these standards, and everyone followed the example? What set these standards in place? Unfortunately, I’m not a messiah to relay the word of God, but based on common sense and victimization, I can tell you why the community is distraught. Cancel culture.

Cancel culture cannot be explained verbally, though if you are interested in the subject, be active on social media. A mechanism formerly used to protect others has since seen a radicalization rivaling fascism. No, I’m not insane, look at the community and the real world. A pent up rage sees new-age whistleblowers harboring the weight of the world. When law enforcement cannot intervene, society instructs you to place your faith in these judicial degenerates. Acting upon morals disrupts the balance scale personifying law, and corrupts the true justice of the world. Interpret equity anyway you dare, but as seen with progression, the magistrates of the world align with the populous belief rather than what benefits the world. Again, it is no one’s fault. Injustices brought us to this point, and to cover up injustice, it requires another.  The law can do as it pleases and fulfilling the social contract our governments created. However, I do not recognize this cancel culture as a law, this is terrorism.

A Casus Beli previously required no more than a strong detest towards another army, and any like-minded groups followed in pursuit. We lacked a brain to differentiate right from wrong as a whole and made decisions based on our own principles. Today, armies play devil’s advocate and declare based on what is right from wrong. The Dark Warriors declared on the Doritos for being sexist, the Army of Club Penguin declared several crusades against the Templars for behavior, and recently, the former Island Invaders declared war against the Skateboarders for doxxing. Personally, I do not disagree with this. Rather than Waterkid spewing 200 words about how the clover defenders deserve to suffer, fighting for a genuine cause reflects modern times, and sees surges of nationalism greater than any other pointless battle. The “green war machine” declares several moral battles, and has yet to lose one. Though, morals are used to justify or denounce every action throughout the community. Opposing sides are denounced as heretics, and often their actions are held against them for who knows how long. Exposes aren’t meant to bring the situation to awareness, they’re used to justify any incoming actions, grant the army a platform in greater matters, and protect from any minor cancellations. The last portion, as hypocritical as it sounds, it’s why we’re fighting a cold war. A very one-sided, plausible war with prewritten victors.

See the ongoing war. Armies remain in a state of armistice, yet constantly utilize nuclear blackmail with cancel culture as their ammunition. The purity of an army essentially reflects its silos. What gives the upper hand is your current standing, and how motivated people are to see your demise (support). Fighting both sides is a battle of ideas, the upper echelon upholds moral propriety and represents democracy as progressive and actively combatting the other side, conservatives refusing to see the game infested with ethics. The latter embodies the hammer and sickle as the silent majority who demonstrate a lack of care in world matters. As time continues to increase, it’s hard for the red to win a war where “democracy” has a sphere of influence over every outside activity within and outside this game. Hence, the victors were already signed.

Club Penguin armies will continue fighting this war until the other side is eradicated into the outskirts, and an imbalance is created within the democracy. One day, a civil war of what’s morally right and wrong disrupts the “balance” set by the victors in the former cold war, and armies will collapse. By collapse, I don’t mean the community will say goodbye and see a drastic drop in recruits, but the very identity that recognizes a stamp hunting community as an army is stripped and lost in the sands of history.

“All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal.” – John Steinbeck


CP Army Hub Cofounder, CP Army Politics and Philosophy Author

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