How I Met Icy Fresh 2

So back in 2017 armies died on OG cp and I started the first cpps army called Rangers. Rangers was a big influence. Eh royals uma was colonized under it and then rpf and tubas rose then Rangers died and I left the army community.

Then rocketsnail was building epic snails a game. Icy is good friends with rocketsnail and screenhog so he was part of Rocketsnail’s beta testing. I made an epic snails discord and posted the invite on Rocketsnail’s Facebook. That’s when icy joined discord. I had to show him how to use it all. At the time his name had icy in it but it wasn’t just “icy”. Later on he just shorted it to “icy”. I can’t really remember what the full name was but it did start with icy.

I built a strong relationship with him while teaching him how to use discord and hacking epic snails while beta testing with icy. We used to hack and give feedback. This is around 2018 I believe. Then we built iclubpenguin which consisted of concept art of the club Penguin rooms. Screenhog and rocketsnail would give icy the concept art via Twitter dms or by text and I would remake them into actual flash rooms. We released iclubpenguin, then space Penguin, then we got ownership of flippr. Super cp, and eventually icy actually became the owner of CPO for a short time before it closed.

While we were building iclubpenguin or spacepenguin we would voice chat every day. One day I mentioned that i used to be in cp armies on xat and all that. Icy then told me he created cpa. I didn’t believe him and I said that’s bs and he explained to me that he was a famous blogger in 2005-6 and I still didn’t believe him so he shared his screen and I saw him go on google (we found his iconic playercard picture with a million coins, he stated that was his outfit) and found the flyboy6464 WordPress site. We then looked at a few of his posts on the site and he started to laugh at it. He was laughing at how silly his typing errors were and what he said as a kid on the sites back then. We then left this topic and moved on back to developing our projects. We never spoke about icy fresh 2, flyboy6464 ever again. The only time we talked about this again was when we were going through icys old emails and trying to get on them and we found the flyboy6464 aim email and he tried to get in. He seemed really sad I remember he gave a big sigh and said he wishes he could get back in the email and that it was probably hacked.

Moving on 2-3 years later we are in 2020. I got inducted as a cpa legend and during that time I decide to look back at the legends list. I found icys name on the S/M legends list and I proceed to dm him and show him. We talked about it and he said he should be in the major legend category not S/M. Then in like November or something we reach out to funks to see if he can influence whoever to rewrite the history and put icys name on the major legends list.  Funks agreed that it should be on the major list, knowing he’s on cpahs side he doesn’t want to get rid of the ACP golden boy image that cpah is portraying so funks never did anything with icys name.

Then we hit December 2020, I talk to musta about icy and how he needs recognition and I asked him if there’s any writers that would be willing to write a post about him. We make a group chat and I come up with the idea for a recorded interview. The main goal was the bring more awareness to icys name and to get more people interested in joining the cpapp sever and chatting in the server for future posts and content. That’s where we end off right now in January 2021.

Now would an impersonation attempt take 3 years to make? When I became friends with this guy I invited from Facebook and we have a conversation about his past on club Penguin as a famous blogger then never talk about it again. Then 3 years later I bring up to the army community that he needs more recognition and give everyone the real guy talking on an interview to make the post more special. Icy never intended to go on any army community servers. If this was an impersonation attempt that would have happened a long time ago right? The only reason he’s in the cpapp server is because we had an interview for him on a cpapp post and he was interested in what cpapp was. So we explained to him what it was and invited him to the server.

Lastly the fact that you keep pushing to say he’s fake and not the real icy fresh 2, and the real Icy only talks about it a few times that’s it’s him and then doesn’t give a single fuck to prove it’s him anymore. He doesn’t give a fuck because you are annoying him and I see it. It’s pretty annoying when someone’s bugging lying on your name to the point where you just ignore it and don’t give a fuck what people say. I know in my eyes that’s the real fucking icy fresh, and Icy knows he’s himself. That’s all I’ve got to say about this. That’s the story in my eyes meeting Icy Fresh 2, and showing the world he’s still with us.


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