Are you all just too soft?

Once upon a time when I was just a new penguin around 2010 one of the first things I saw ever was Bam117 and Wwebestfan busting down the doors of a chatroom where Tomb and Vendetta were hanging out. It looked like their main goal was to force them to “cum into their office”…

If the leaders of todays armies did this, I bet you all would be shocked. Yet this is the type of exciting things that would happen on a daily basis that led me to play for 10 years! You’ve got to get your troops riled up you’ve all got to claw with your finger nails yard by yard as if every inch counted and all there was… was inches all around you! One of the things that causes armies to absolutely thrive is harsh competition and competitiveness. When one army just grabs you unexpectedly and lights the flame beneath you.

I’ve had army leaders come to me and tell me that everything I’ve worked for over the years will amount to nothing after they’re finished warring my army. This is the type of stuff that drives people beyond their own previous set limits.

I’ve had someone deface half of my armies history and website and virtually make it untraceable and so I had to go out of my way to find out which random wordpress account was added in and then get into Traders email (Former DCP Leader who is now in jail) and figure out who accepted this invite, took that IP that accepted the invite and traced it to any IP throughout army websites that have commented and finally figured out who it was. You know what I did in return? I said to myself woah that was clever and caught me off guard, but it was Traders stupidity that led to this incident so he didn’t really get one up on me! I didn’t boycott CPAC or cry about it to my colleagues.

This brings me to this:

Lord Pain acknowledging the Mchappy isn’t Mchappy in December, and thinks to himself “no matter his identity those are someones thoughts and he wants to relay them to the rest of us”. Now I’ve noticed actual other websites unpartnering CPAPP because of Pain allowing this. It’s a new level of political correctness which almost makes me forget that this is a game.

And this:

Cobra saying that they all scrambled to make up doxes in an act of “survival instinct” incase the case that I were to ever dox them. I’m led to believe that everyone in modern day armies are a bunch of pansies.

Not even just that, but the people from the previous generations of armies have been just following suit. I noticed this when Freezie66 and Andrew24 – two previous people who granted me fun wars in the past that I wanted to take on once more – resorted to instead of fighting in war just making up lies to Waterkid in an attempt to get me banned from his CPPS. At the time Waterkid and I were no longer the rivals we’ve been for the previous 8 years and instead on talking terms and often played At-war together so their attempt failed.

You all need to relax, it’s just a game. The more outrageous shit is the more a flame will be lit under your ass to fire you up and bring the actually competitive challenging nature that creates the perfect environment for armies to thrive. You guys are taking this way too seriously and literally this eras wars might as well be pillow fights which will not be an attraction to armies.

When people think of Club Penguin Warfare or Club Penguin Armies you want them to think of battles and not training events or stamp events! The main attract of armies is wars! You all are doing it wrong!

A poll on Nachos’ website once had the option for wars or like practice battles or ‘other events’ and everyone votes for the Nachos to be a warring army. At this time Nachos were the only army with an autotyper and they had thousands of votes on this poll! I observed this and made my army a warring army after 2012 based on a poll on Nachos website! It’s pretty obvious to me, you can see armies do completely terrible until they are in a full blown war and their sizes begin to jump.

War is so much more interesting even, you can create a little propaganda, you can motivate people to fight towards something, and it can give your entire army 1 common goal.

I also believe that the current army recruit retention rate is significantly low. I think discord recruiting allows for a wide variety of recruits and although a lot of these have to be more transitioned than the typical Club Penguin recruit the fact of the matter is back in my day 5 recruits would most likely all stay in the army for a bunch longer period of time than 100 recruits would today. Maybe they don’t see the point in logging on and getting in a line and doing emotes?

I would also like to add that if back on the original Disney Club Penguin the top 3 armies created an alliance for no reason other than “in the case someone were to declare war on one of the armies” the entire community would of had a fit with it. It would have been an absolute outrage. These kinds of things utterly deter wars and the challenging competition that makes wars fun.

[A meme] Upcoming CPA Rules:

  1. If you army declares war on another army for no reason, you will be banned from the league!
  2. If anyone from your army cusses, you will lose one of your servers.
  3. You must have at least 5 females in your HCOM to encourage equality.

Not fun! You must allow every army to be unique in their own way! As far as I’m concerned, having a league is just another excuse to try to have more control over armies. I remember a time where there were no “CP ARMY RULES” – and CPAC was more successful than anything else after it – If you didn’t like something an army did, you would declare war on them! I remember RPF invading the server that CPAC held tournaments on! They invaded Klondike! Armies that disagreed logged on to make the “Klondike wall”. This resulted in the community coming up with their own ideas of what was wrong and what wasn’t while also enabling armies to be unique in their own way and resulted in competition and a thriving community. Not everyone will fit in at any army if every army is set to be the exact same. Sure some people might be into collecting stamps and they could join the Help Force, but the community has never like today been set to such unremarkable political correctness which takes away from the community built before seemingly only geared towards infants and no one with any true character.

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