Hypocrisy in CPA Volume 3: FINALE and Eden

Up until now I have kept silent about a certain figure. I was brainstorming ideas for Volume 3 of this series and realized I was holding back due to my obligation to protect this figure, but I realized to truly get at the core of the problems, I would have to mention him. Sorry friend, just the way things are.

Let us return to how CPO and its army league was founded, by a wide swath of connections, doxing, corruption, etc. by a figure named Riley. Wait a second, I’m talking about CPAM/CPAH! Just swap out “Riley” with “Eden” and there is no difference. Sure, Riley was a pedophile and I’m happy he’s behind bars. However, The real leader of CPAH and the man who makes our community turn has done everything else Riley has. Eden has swatted, doxed, threatened, used corruption and connections to spin things his way.

Eden was trying to get at Riley since 2018 and was very happy when he went down! Now the community belongs to Eden and if you cross him you’re out! The thing I find most hypocritical about Eden is that he’ll work with people like me, however he obviously finds what I do reprehensible while pretending what he does is somehow moral and justified. Eden has doxxed a countless number of people, he’s the reason Security left and that took quite a bit of doing.

I’ve seen Eden dox multiple people myself and he even asked me to help him dox Atticus and Zing King To. You see, Eden prides himself on being the “police” of CPA, but he starts more problems then he solves. Eden has a lust for power and purpose so he cloaks his immoral behavior in petty morality. I’m no better, but then again I don’t pretend to be. If Eden owned up to who he was and didn’t try to police others for doing exactly the same thing, I would respect him.

Eden for years tried to bring Riley down. Eden says this is due to the fact he was disgusted by Riley’s immoral actions and wanted to bring CPA together! However, it’s obvious Riley was just the right enemy to feed into his hero complex of saving everyone. Eden is a lowbrow doxer looking for power, same as me, same as sec, same as Riley.

I have talked quite a bit in this series about the corruption perpetrated by one Pookie437. The truly funny thing is Eden put him there! Eden put Pookie in charge of CPAH and couldn’t keep track of his puppet leading to rampant corruption despite the protest of me and others. Then when Pookie gets doxed Eden wipes his brow and is proud that another evil is gone! Thank god Eden can purge the community of corruption! Eden puts corrupt people in place then acts like it isn’t his fault they were corrupt.

Eden, I know you’re reading this. Stop your shitty hypocrisy and stop trying to tame the untamable, I never fucking liked you. However, seeing you grasp and struggle to keep this community in line makes me cringe. Move on and let things sort themselves out. I believe you’ll be happier if you do this.

Oh yeah! And one thing before I go, here’s some screenshots so LuciferStar can’t pretend my accusations are false

https://gyazo.com/cf109ca39a9191b839970730c6e77c13 https://gyazo.com/c101ab7e250b0cfaf408ad93d912a8a5 https://gyazo.com/cb281b384ffb74c513b9c36edb7172e7

DM me if you any questions about the post-MDE#0367

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