Hypocrisy in CPA Volume 2: Corruption

In my last post in this series I explained the hypocrisy displayed by The Bureaucracy™ when it comes to doxing in the community. This post can be seen as sort of a sequel in some ways, but covering broader corruption displayed by those who were oh so happy evil Waterkid finally went down.

Speaking of Waterkid, or “Riley” as he is known. How exactly did he get away with posting minor’s nudes in public discord servers for years? I am sure those beholden to him at the time had no idea. Regardless, Riley has been a scapegoat for years to The Bureaucracy, despite the fact that he has been copied by everybody in it. From CPR to CPAH they all seem to be inspired by his antics, or maybe they were all corrupt in the first place? Who knows!

Take former CPAH CEO Pookie437, who begged me for my RFCP doxes. This is pure speculation, but I imagine he used them as a negotiation-scare tool. Remind you of someone? Pookie eventually blacklisted me from CPAH for doxing RFCP, which is the purest form of irony I can think of. Pookie also did a bunch of other things, but I am not at liberty to share due to the fact it would make our self righteous dear friend quite mad.

However, Pookie’s reign of terror came to an end due to a chubby hispanic with an axe to grind. Thank god LuciferStar took over, now we know for sure he won’t be corrupt at all! Another scapegoat swept aside and once again CPA has learned nothing. I am anxiously awaiting for the eventual repeating of this cycle and the shock everyone has when they find out that the person everybody knew was corrupt, was corrupt.

Another example of corruption I have is actually quite petty. Koloway had Bam and Mondo added to the legends board last year, due to the fact he wouldn’t have gotten legend otherwise. So a pointless bureaucrat such as koloway who has done nothing remarkable gets legend due to his connections. Tell me again how CPA isn’t an oligarchy like any other? Speaking of Koloway, I remember one time he threatened to dox friends of mine, very funny when he tries to act like he isn’t a skinny queer on club penguin. Neither here nor there though, let’s move on.

Corruption has molded modern CPA, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. There will always be more unremarkable losers like Koloway who are made remarkable due to their ability to take orders and serve The bureaucracy. I am not pretending to be some moral arbiter who is above corruption, doxing etc. I just despise the passive aggressive way our modern CPA power apparatus pretends to be above it, when they clearly aren’t. Say what you will about Riley, he was never anything other than Riley.

If you have any questions about the post DM me on discord- MDE#0367

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