The big 4 and all the rest of us.

I have come to a realization that only 4 armies matter, and they will guide the rest of the community to wherever they want them to go. Their former 3ic-2ic that have started S/M armies will move along in whichever direction they want. For people shafted by the current CPAH oligarchy such as me, this is rather bad news. However, for Csy, Crazzy, Regan, and 32op this is all wonderful news.

I will rundown the 4 oligarchies that make up the modern CPA apparatus in order of power

Rebel Penguin Federation(RPF)- Most successful army of recent memory, people everywhere, most powerful oligarchy with veterans all over CPAH.

Army of Club Penguin (ACP)- Smaller than RPF, but on reputation alone they’re still just as powerful when it comes to a bureaucracy standpoint as RPF is. Lower on the hierarchy due to small sizes.

Ice Warriors(IW)-Regan has done a bang up job of getting them back to form. More powerful than ACP from a size standpoint, and can take RPF head on (though they won’t due to their alliance). Don’t have friends in high places like the others do though.

Doritos of club penguin (DCP)- DCP Would have been much higher up on here about 5 months ago, however the Black ice alliance screwed them and they have been relatively dormant since. Without 32op’s help CPAL and CPAM never merge so he has high influence in CPAH. DCP also has a ton of veterans that still have some relative loyalty to them in The Bureaucracy of CPAH.

These armies I have just noted control everything. Being disliked by them is a death sentence to anything you truly want to do in armies. The worst part about this is that they all have a common interest in keeping CPAH afloat. So for the rest of us, we are f*cked.

The only hope I believe we have of a true breaking of this oligarchy is internal struggle, and waiting for something to implode is always the worst way to stop it. For the 90 percent of people that matter and attend the events of these armies it’s a perfect system, for the rest of us it’s doom.

In 2018 CPO and Riley had a similar oligarchy, however Riley’s undoing was his maliciousness and the astuteness of one very very self righteous friend of ours. This friend is the shadow government of CPAH, so any hope of him saving us is truly useless. Seeing Riley last multiple years on top with everybody having knowledge of his actions is truly a depressing thought when it comes to our current predicament.

Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about the post- MDE#0367

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