Spy In Plain Sight

This post will be in the utmost regard the reply to Lord Pain’s post titled “Evil In Plain Sight” in which the full post can be viewed here – It will also go over what may go down in history as the greatest act of infiltration ever before made public.


While much of the ‘figures’ of this community tend to focus on themselves, the figures at the ACP have always been known to police the entire community. This resulted in the direct focus of others. People get too caught up in their own stuff that they forget to notice what is going on right beneath them!

[The main figurehead behind the Doritos of Club Penguin. The longest standing consistent leader of any army in the history of armies. He led the Doritos of Club Penguin from 2012 – where they would see their first ever placement as 1st on the top 10 – up until 2020. Under Mustapha10, the Doritos managed to reach sizes of up to 200+, and seen sizes of 100-150+ multiple times throughout the years. He recruited many of the legends and leaders you see today, to multiple leaders of ACP, DCP, IW, DW, LT, and ect. From the likes of Jester, CSY, Ahmed, xxToysoldier, Andrew24, and many more it appears that Mustapha10 generates nothing less than the greatest of leaders to enter this community. For the first time ever, starting in 2013 the Doritos began to receive thousands of join application. They would soon find their website to receive the most traffic, landing them the million views mark among ACP and the Nachos, yet in a much shorter period of time. The Doritos under Mustapha10 managed to statistically become CPAC’s number 1 army of the year for 2 years. From an army that could barely stay in the top 10, to world power status, the Doritos in 2013 took on Puckley and his Nachos, defeating them in a legends cup tournament finale that shocked the community. His warmongering side led the DCP into many wars which in turn, he believed would push the Doritos to go further in lengths of determination. Invading entire nations of armies that previously looked down on the Doritos. From taking down the Light Troops and forcing them to close their doors multiple times, he was looked at in the Doritos as an avenger seeking to destroy all the armies that previously defeated the Doritos under Wwebestfan. He didn’t stop there. He wanted to challenge anyone worthy, or even anyone that he thought did wrong to him or others. After crippling Iceyfeet in the Ice Warriors in 2014 he had bigger ambitions. In 2015, the Doritos under Mustapha10 defeated the entire top 10 in wars. Seeing as they were self proclaimed undefeated in wars dating from 2012 to 2015 they faced an entire alliance, single handedly, defeating IW, DW, SWAT, Miners, LT, WV, and Nachos in August of 2015. The majority of these armies surrendered their entire nations to the Doritos, who were at the time reaching sizes of 100+. This did lead to negativity from other competitors who were smashed by the DCP war machine, however this marks the time that always unsatisfied high standard Doritos became content with their legacy. Mustapha10 would receive multiple person of the year awards, something that would have never been possible for anyone from the Doritos in the past. However, after the closure of CP, Mustapha10 decided to bring the Doritos back again for another run. He led the army to sizes of nearly 200 once again, maintaining the number 1 spot for months back to back so much so that it made the admins of the CPPS jealous. Mustapha10’s legacy ends when Andrew24 makes a post in response to the creator of DCP’s post, where he shames Wwebestfan and says Mustapha10 is the reason the Doritos exist. Briefly after Andrew causing Wwe to envy Mustapha10, his time with the Doritos comes to a permanent end. With this being said, the way armies currently exist today would not be the same had Mustapha10 not made his impact, left his marked, and shaped the very community as we know it today over the past 10 years of consistently being a prominent figure of the community.]

The ACP not only undermined what we viewed as the corrupt Rebel Penguin Federation, but we precisely used them to our direct advantage. Having our eyes set on the biggest armies of the year, we had to get our intel up to par. It all started with the not only observation of Mustapha10 being a character of what appeared to be determination and morals but also the observation of Mustapha10 being ‘advised’ by Lord Pain. As you all may already know, Lord Pain seeks to undermine the might of the ACP. This resulted in a direct infiltration of Lord Pain’s closest allies. This wasn’t hard seeing as Mustapha10 was not only young at the time but feeble minded. Getting Mustapha10 on our side left Lord Pain with furthermore less dependable and or loyal ties. This would be used to our advantage further when ACP faced their greatest and most intense rival of all time, the Nachos. This rivalry was all and everything that would breed any sort of resentment or hatred among the ACP ever stemming back to what seems to be ages now. From the beginning of time the Nachos would go on to compete and ultimately rival the ACP, even at one point being the only army to ever single handedly defeat ACP in battle. With our new ally, the DCP, we were then able to use their own alliances to our advantage under the administration of Cassius Brutus, former ACP leader. This is where the RPF truly comes in, forming its first ever ‘brother alliance’ recorded throughout history, the DCP – RPF bond ran deep, with DCP at our right hand, it would ultimately go on to DCP and RPF fighting for the ACP. The New Dawn Alliance.

With this at our disposal there was nothing that could ever get in our way. So when it wasn’t enough, we had to send in one of our own. This is where Snaily 5 comes in, as previously mentioned by Lord Pain in his post: “sent Snaily5 to infiltrate RPF and get me and Elmikey taken out of power and they did succeed at that for a time until Elmikey took back RPF. Whatever harm ACP caused to RPF from that incident was paid back a hundred fold when ACP was completely and utterly dominated by the RPF to the point of begging to stop the war and then ignoring RPF. If ACP is better than RPF why have they not had the backbone to face them directly even with their renewed strength.”

[Snaily5 would start her storied RPF career in July of 2013 after retiring from the Army of Club Penguin. Showing great resilience during battles in the Nacho War, she would quickly find herself promoted to the rank of 2ic, and then later Rebel Commander. After helping lead RPF to #1 on the Top Ten many times, she’d retire and carry on as an Advisor. With this rank, she’d constantly fight for equal leadership in the army, representing both the USRPF constitution and dissatisfied RPF veterans. Her most noteworthy contribution to the RPF, however, would be her creation of the RPF AUSIA Division, changing the army from exclusively US/UK to a worldwide phenomenon.]

The RPF and Nacho Wars would go on for some time. At this point you’re probably getting the idea as to why they’re colored green here. This is the bigger picture that people like Lord Pain fail to see. Let’s continue, shall we? The RPF eventually came to some sort of conclusion whereas it resulted in a clash between the two formidable empires. This is where we put our golden card to full use, risking the capture of Snaily5 we proceeded with the direct removal of RPF’s very own administration which included the removal of a leader that dated back to the creation of the army.

I believe it to be a tad bit ironic that this website here has “open your 3rd eye” written in binary on the header all the while it remains closed within posts like “Evil In Plain Sight” and besides that, that’s all for now.

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