Hypocrisy in CPA Volume 1: doxing

Before you read this article I would like to introduce you to the format of this series. I intend to point out the lunacy of the CPA bureaucrats at CPAH, and explain how they are in way over their heads. The bureaucrats are also extremely hypocritical, which is what I intend to point out here.

CPA is one of the most hypocritical communities I have ever been a part of. I find it truly humorous that it simultaneously is a purity cult and a hell hole of sin. Somebody like Riley takes years to take down, with everybody having full knowledge of his actions that isn’t a literal 10 year old. However, every army leader came away from it with reputation, power and everything else intact.

Doxing is one of the most ridiculous hypocrisies often paraded around in CPA, due to the fact that quite literally every powerful person in CPA has doxed, spread doxes, took part in doxing, used doxes etc. Our self righteous friend which will not be named has quite literally acted as a CP shadow government due to his cunning and hacktivism (fancy word for doxing). I am going to make a brief list of every influential CPA figure I can think of that I know has been involved with doxing in about 10 seconds.


And this is all off the top of my head, I could easily expand this with research. See where the moral pandering really falls apart? You can’t clear this community of sin when the community IS sin. Taking down Riley was ultimately pointless when there are 100 more (albeit less malicious) Riley’s ready to take his place. Unless our previously mentioned self righteous shadow government intends on gatekeeping CPA for another 10 years, I believe he should give up while he has a chance.

I have no hope of corruption ever leaving this community, every bright eyed 11 year old who joins ACP will one day be corrupted by it. Cunning and manipulation are what’s needed to gain power, turns out this leads to the powerful leaders of CPA being cunning and manipulative.

Who woulda thunk it?

I myself have been granted an unban from a very very large army that has been able to max over 200 within the past few years, due to the fact one of the leaders (who was CPAH high society) had me dox somebody whom he had an issue with (low fee, huh). Which brings me to my next point, yes I have doxxed people. I don’t really feel bad about it due to the fact the people I did it to deserved it and would have done the same to me, but the difference between me and a loser like Koloway or Ayan; Is that I’m not a hypocrite.

Feel free to DM me on discord if you have any questions about the post – MDE#0367

4 thoughts on “Hypocrisy in CPA Volume 1: doxing

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  2. anonting is very straight. not gay. do not listen to (((them))) when they tell you that he is gay. he has many womens in his inbox, he is very charismatic


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