Oagalthorp Didn’t Create Club Penguin Armies – Full Interview With The REAL Founder of CPA

Chapter 1. Introduction

For as long as I can recall, ACP has been regarded as the first true nation-state army of CPA, with it’s founder Oagalthorp kicking in the door for the CPA we know today. But what if I told you there was another. Founded on a WordPress site months before ACP’s inception on the Miniclip forums. What if I told you that this army, founded by a still active CPA S/M legend was nearly lost to the sands of time and delegated to a lie on the S/M Legends page.

Well you don’t need to imagine, as I have the REAL founder of CPA icyfresh2 here for an interview about his almost forgotten legacy. But before we get to that, I think it’s important we verify the legitimacy of this claim to the throne as founders of CPA using the wonders of the wayback machine. Not to mention, but on CPAH Icy is only listed as an S/M Legend, stating his army was created 3 Days after ACP. This is a blatant lie and inaccurate statement.


Chapter 2. The Evidence

Provided here are multiple wayback machine links alongside other blogs recalling this army to verify this group, named “Club Penguin Army” or something along those lines was conceptualized and created BEFORE ACP. ACP of course being opened on the 29th of September, 2006 while this army goes back as far as late 2005 without documentation with the first records on blogs being early 2006. A real issue with this story has been the lack of documentation in this era.





Chapter 3. The Interview

4 thoughts on “Oagalthorp Didn’t Create Club Penguin Armies – Full Interview With The REAL Founder of CPA

  1. Yeah idk man, The site was made before ACP for sure but i haven’t found any evidence of an army and i was looking through the pages you linked not just the first one that came up. Honestly it’d be good if there was an army created before ACP but i’m not seeing it here,


  2. Nobody discredits cpa for being the first army resembling group in cp warfare, but they were a rouge army until being organised on october 2nd 2006, that’s three days after acp, also what were they doing from 2005-october 2nd 2006 where is any information about this, if they were just meeting on club penguin to meet icy fresh because he was a popular blogger, can you really call that being an army, they were the first army resembling group i’ll give it to that, also who knows how many clans with the same name were created after the release of the roman helmet

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