Templars and CPAH: Blood and Iron

In modern day CPA most people view the main governing body of CPA to be the “Club Penguin Army Hub” with great moral distinction and reliability from within. But there are also many disgruntled armies and staff outside of CPAH who certainly won’t sing the praises of this organization who’s had more corruption allegations against it than the U.S Government. Today, I interview Templars leader and founder Xing and discuss CPAH, its past, and its future.

Chapter 1. The Allegations

Since its inception, CPAH has been an organization plagued by inefficiency and corruption from the top, which recently came to a boiling point after the Doxxing of CPAH CEO Pookie437 which also caused admin Cassie to step down. In this part, which mainly serves as setting the stage for what CPAH does and how they operate, alongside recounting the beef with CPAH that armies like Templars have. There are also many older army vets who have been banned from CPAH, for reasons I find to be sub par. Alongside that, the admin team has faced accusation after accusation of bias in the Top Tens, Tournaments, and more.

Chapter 2. CPAH V Templars

Templars, an army renowned in modern day CPA for keeping the old army tradition and toxicity alive thanks to Emperor Xing has had some issues with CPAH and how they maintain a modern day CPA safe space, which greatly clashes with Templars traditional ways. A huge part of this saga would be where after countless bans by CPAH and attempts to squash Templars, Xing dropped a massive post calling for the “Decentralization and dismantling of CPAH


Xing’s wiki : https://clubpenguinarmy.fandom.com/wiki/Xing

Chapter 3. An Alternative?

Many may think that there is no alternative league or site to CPAH. But this is untrue. An individual by the name of Jester runs his own league, CPAWL (Club Penguin Army Warfare League.) This league hosts a good few armies but doesn’t get the coverage CPAH gets. I personally think that there shouldn’t be this CPAH monopoly on information in CPA but whether CPAH needs to be decentralized and dismantled, or whether Jester’s league needs to be raised higher is just a matter of opinion at this point.


Chapter 4. The Interview

Attached is an interview discussing CPAH with Xing on the new CPAPP YouTube channel. It’s shorter compared to Icy’s interview from last night, so be sure to go give it a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjUyq9g94ro

3 thoughts on “Templars and CPAH: Blood and Iron

  1. I do hope CPAWL get’s bigger and this very thing could happen after Flash dies considering I have not heard any great plans from CPAH about what they’ll do after it’s gone


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