Editorial: Underground The Slums of CPA

Mammoth – The Underground Mafias Army – An army that was once decent under Pink Mafias due to his fame in the “club penguin cheats” world, since has been degraded, disregarded, and disgraced now shows us the behind the scenes footage of the sewers of CPA. Viewer discretion is advised.

What happens to an army led by a despicable miserable chick named Lydia who has no experience other than being a moderator in an army and another freak show named Cobra – who I have never heard of previously until they dmd Kennedi begging for $5 to get access to white pages premium to dox Meerrkat. Pretty sad line up so far, and as you can probably tell where this post is going lets dive right in!

It appears that when someone fails to such an extent and ruins an entire legacy of an army they resort to becoming an utter catastrophe of a place in the depth of the slums of CPA. As stated previously, they appear to try to put on this hardcore persona threatening to dox people and make it by here.

Owooo Daniel who was good at social engineering back on the original Club Penguin 5 years ago is gonna be angry today!

I recently got caught up in the sewers of CPA when I decided to ban the UMA leader Lydia from my discord. The ban was nothing personal, I didn’t discuss it with her – nor did I insult her in any type of way. Simply put, it was her idiotic nature and tendencies that result in my distaste of her. Originally, it began with her constantly being mad at the world due to her mother being addicted to drugs and the latter, living with her grandparents and not being allowed to visit her father. It soon resulted in her anger and resentment for the world to be projected onto everyone else around her – thinking she can somehow crack the code into getting into Xings webcam, and then so much more that I would rather just put pictures here than explain any further

People running from the miserable CPA nerds in a panic, fearing that they will go full ape shit on them over a Club Penguin game.
OoOo I saved a picture of someones passport that they posted look at me!! ~ Lydia, UMA Leader
OOoO im a hardc0re hax0r d0xer y0 although all dis info b wrong ya d1g?
oOoO I saved a girls nudes after she sent them to SilentSniper look at me I’m so cool – Lydia
As you scroll through these photos you may think they become more and more incredibly bizzare as she leaves her keyboard to “doxx” MaximeT9.

I find UMA second-rate, dilapidated and sad, like a neglected provincial hotel. And that one came away with a sense of a tired institution without a place in the modern day. With a leadership that is so incurious, unintelligent and unremarkable that UMA’s new reduced place in armies was not a surprise but an inevitability

UMA in 1993 VS UMA in 2020

 “Sure, maybe you can beat us in war, but you will never beat the idea of the UMA culture.” – Cobra, UMA Leader

Now while the peasants of the community built before us today rage on, I encourage the rest of you TO PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!

UMA went from being a force to be reckoned with, to being meme’d and finally they find themselves as the most cringe army of 2020. This interesting development brings one to question whether they actually realized they were a meme for so many years. Now you all MUST avoid the sewers of CPA at all costs! It’s where the miserable, yet legendary LGBTQXYZ fanatics go full maniac mode. The sewers are officially the sanctuary to all pansexual non-binary polyamorous vegan voodoo witchcraft magic spells that are made. I wish all CPA players the best if they ever take the wrong turn and end up in the sewers.

The following is more cringeworthy content given to me after making this post:






Do YOU think that all users should avoid the slums of CPA? Let us know what you think!

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