Open Your 3rd Eye or Forever Live in Confusion

Why did you join armies, because it’s something that’s hard to get away from, and it’s probably one of the biggest L’s you can take. Let’s start with your source of “army news”. It takes $7 to buy a domain and build a website and you can post whatever you want just like these army news sites. Everyone gets their news from some unreliable bias site, but you think everything they post is legit because the site looks good with fancy graphics. This is all manipulation. These army news sites are run by cults.. specifically a cult of virgins that have nothing better to do than wake up and scheme on what they want the community to see in their little group chat. It’s kind of sad actually these cult members spend all day every day thinking about CPA.

Let us move to the manipulation. These media sites are like CNN. Fake News, and you’re being tricked. They like to post whatever they can to make their “story” seem real and you the readers believe it…very unfortunate. There’s nothing more reliable than getting information straight from a real source. For example, if the uber driver hit a pothole, you would ask him where the pothole was and he would tell you exactly where it is, but in this case with these media sites, they will word things a different way to mislead you to believe their story. Fake News is the worst news, but they do it to manipulate you and control you. Get out of their control.

The manipulation is intentional and not intentional. Like CNN they would hire you if they like you and you don’t associate with people they don’t like. Then they will have you make articles on their agenda. If there’s a picture that the media wants to make the people think then they will step in and pursue misleading information even further. That’s what makes these media sites super bias. They want to pursue images for different people if they like or hate there’s an image they want them to see. One of the main reasons fake news is such a big issue is that it is often believed. Fake news is also written to create “shock value”. You cannot trust these CPA media sites. To get the real news go to the REAL sources’ by joining the army discord servers and see what they talk about. Of course, some armies and their discord could persuade you with fake news but you learn the truth from experiencing the situation/subject. All these CPA media sites don’t even include sources in their posts. You cannot trust a news post without a source. They will do anything they can to get you to click and read what they want you to believe. They do this by clickbaity titles. The funny thing is these CPA media sites don’t even make money from you, they do this just to try and control you and hold power over you.

Now here’s how you open your third eye. When the media pushes out information about an event, a situation, or a person if you want the facts you have to talk to all the parties involved. At this point, you only have the one-party involved. Getting in touch with both or multiple parties involved will open your broad spectrum of the event, situation, or person. Failing to reach out of the media zone will result in a loss of knowledge which means you can’t expand your broad understanding of the subject at hand. If there’s only one party reporting the story then reach out to the people involved with the story, because one party reporting is not really reliable. Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to people.


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