Monopolies and Absolute Power In CPA

WARNING: This post does not reflect the views of the CPA Wiki, solely my own personal ideas and beliefs. It also isn’t meant to criticise CPAH, CPAWL or BIA. Additionally, some sensitive topics are discussed, viewer discretion is advised.

However, I fully intend to warn on the dangers of a monopoly, to discuss an example of how this was abused and to reflect on how we can control the potential damage of a monopoly gone wrong.

A monopoly refers to the exclusive possession or control of the supply of or trade in a commodity or service. It is a principle that can be applied to armies.

For a time, you could argue that the Club Penguin Online Army League [CPOAL, also referred to sometimes as Club Penguin Army League] had a monopoly over the community back in 2018 and early as the only army-friendly CPPS for armies large enough to recruit on and the only operating league up until early 2019 when the exodus of several armies into a new league occurred [I refer to the league run by DMT, Greeny, Memmaw and Superhero123]. Even after this however, CPOAL remained for a while the easier environment to build an army in with a army-friendly CPPS with millions of players that only CPOAL members could recruit on. Members of the new army league were forced to rely on CPPSes like Club Penguin Rewritten [an infamously harsh CPPS with armies] and Oasis [an infamously unsafe CPPS for under 18s due to lax moderation].

Another more recent monopoly would be the monopoly the Black Ice Alliance has over all armies at the moment. RPF, IW and DW’s alliance is undeniably stronger than any other force at play at the moment in armies.

With that established, I contend that monopolies are a dangerous power that no league, army or group of armies should have or be trusted with.

It is indisputable that the person who has a monopoly on something ultimately has total control over that thing. In CPOAL’s case, when they had a monopoly as the only league and the only friendly CPPS, this combined meant they and they alone controlled the CPA community. 

The person/people with the monopoly can essentially do as they please as long as they don’t lose their monopoly in the process. For example, BIA can declare war on any army they choose and they’d almost definitely win, but if they went around every army and took all their land on CPAH, they’d lose popularity and potentially lose their monopoly if CPAH chose to intervene.

The risk then rises from when no one intervenes, or no one can intervene sufficiently.

Unfortunately, for a while no one was able to actively intervene in one monopoly, which allowed a certain pedophile to roam freely without being brought to justice for two years. This is a simplification, but I am of course referring again to CPOAL and its founder Riley/Waterkid. Today, it is widely considered fact that Riley used his position to protect himself from being publicly exposed and removed from power for being a pedophile. Riley had a monopoly over the CPA community, which protected him for a long time. It was only after two years from CPOAL’s founding in 2018 and the start of this drama that Riley’s monopoly was damaged enough that word of his actions really started to spread and finally reach the attention of Disney and the authorities, whom shut down Club Penguin Online [effectively killing CPOAL] and arrested Riley respectively.

Riley’s monopoly protected him from being brought to justice, which neatly illustrates my point. Monopolies can be abused and already have been in this community. It can easily happen again.

The absolute power a monopoly provides is a huge responsibility and in the wrong hands it can lead to what happened with Riley. It has to be used wisely and fairly. Go figure this is hardly easy, especially when even the slightest mistake can have grave consequences.

So what’s the lesson here? Besides not letting pedophiles develop a monopoly over all of Club Penguin Armies I mean.

I’m trying to say monopolies should be avoided at all costs.  Power in this community should be spread thinly enough that no one group of people has all the power.

But this does raise some issues in terms of practicality. Is distributing power like this really plausible in a system like CPA?

I believe so.

We can operate armies within more than one league. This would have worked fine back in 2019 with CPOAL and the CPA league set up by the exodus armies if both had been viable choices and CPOAL hadn’t had so many questionable practises such as Riley’s pedophilia.

Leagues can be run by people from diverse army backgrounds and different allegiances and alliances.

Superpower armies and alliances could be regulated somewhat to give other armies a chance.

Just some vague suggestions to give you some ideas.

So, monopolies. Dangerous? Most definitely. Uncontrollable? Certainly not.

Present today? A problem now?


That’s a conversation for another time.

What do you think?
How could we control the effects of monopolies in Armies?
Could we turn the absolute power of a monopoly into an advantage?
Are monopolies a problem today?
I’d be interested to discuss this one further with y’all in the discord server.

For now though, thanks for reading. Until the next one.

Rowan Alden

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