Raising Elmikey- A Look Into An Example of Mentorship in CP Armies

I first met Elmikey days after being recruited into the RPF by Commando717 to re-build the army. When I was first met Elmikey I had come across someone who had more radical views on armies than I did and this was something I had never before experienced. Elmikey was a unique child and he was far more ruthless than anyone I had ever encountered. He had a desire to change armies to the old ways of 2007. He was intelligent he knew the things he did and said were highly controversial and this aided his campaign because it gave him more attention and followers. What he did was another version of what I had done earlier in my career to gain attention. I never believed in Elmikey’s methodologies for bringing RPF back to prominence I believed it had to be done the way everyone had already proved worked which at the time was of course the traditional way of raising an army.

That was through chat recruiting but Elmikey brought something new to the table and as many know I don’t take kindly to breaking traditions especially when recruiting on CP was regarded as impossible. Elmikey proved me wrong he showed me otherwise and that was when I truly saw potential in the boy. We had our ups and downs, when I first joined RPF I brought my followers and for the first time in years we were back on the top ten and things were going smoothly. I gave Elmikey the early followers he needed in order to have a team for auto typing. I left RPF thinking Elmikey would fail but I kept in contact with him because despite the fact that I thought we couldn’t work together at the time I continued to see potential in him.

Despite disagreeing with his path I continued to speak on my ideology with Elmikey and I brought him up to speed on modern day armies and walked him through the proper way of leading events. In the beginning he tried leading events in the 2007 style but over time he would begin to lead like everyone else. Elmikey was a difficult person to get close to he was very close minded and only saw his own way. He respected me despite our differences and he let me into his life and I even became familiar with the man behind the computer and his lifestyle. I was always private chatting Elmikey throughout his career and I made it deeper and deeper into his mind. As I did this I saw change in his performance I saw myself in his actions which is what I wanted. I walked with him throughout his journey from RPF to DW, LT, DCP, and then back to RPF until the end.

Throughout every big battle in Elmikey’s career even ones where I wasn’t leading alongside him or even in the same army such as when he had stints outside of RPF I was coaching him. At the time I saw Elmikey as my perfect replacement for when I would one day leave armies. I knew it would be him at my side in the final battle against ACP and I was right he was the chosen one it was his destiny to be the modern day Lord Pain but it wasn’t after I was gone it was while I was still here in the shadows unable to lead due to my advancing age and the events unfolding in my life. Elmikey was here in my place continuing the legend of Lord Pain and inflicting destruction upon enemies of his ideology. As Elmikey matured he realized the system could not be changed and armies would never again be the same as they were in 2007.

When he did realize that I was able to fully come back into his life in 2013 and during that stint I went on vacation and lost my spot due to them thinking I quit RPF because I didn’t keep in contact the way I should of. I rejoined in 2014 and Elmikey and myself were both removed by Snaily which brought us even closer together. When Elmikey found out Snaily was an ACP spy he then gained hatred for the ACP which ended up working out for me perfectly. In 2015 Elmikey took back the RPF and we were then together until he was removed from power in 2018. I will share how someone who was nothing more to me than a weapon to use against ACP became a child, a son, that I loved.

I had experienced no one else in CP Warfare who was even a little bit like me my entire existence from 2009 up until 2013 when I finally met Elmikey. He was an an aggressive child not liked by many and through methods of fear and manipulation and just a show of raw power with recruiting abilities he controlled the RPF with an iron fist. He was exactly like me in many ways but there were differences. Every trait I saw in Elmikey was perfect the only flaw in his ideology were his thoughts on old style warfare, his thoughts on CPAC, and his lack of respect for the rules of CP Warfare. As I molded Elmikey in our many talks I focused on these things and how they held him back from achieving his true potential as more than a leader of RPF. I wanted him to be a political leader for the community itself he would be the perfect example to the rest of the community on how a leader should act within an army to gain results and build an empire.

Someone like that is the one who should be the poster boy for armies, someone who is cold, ruthless, a constant recruiter, someone who works 24/7 towards the goal of establishing an ultimate empire. This is how every leader in CP Armies is supposed to be. I’ve said this before in my last post a leader must know in their mind this is a game but in their heart they must feel like it isn’t. Elmikey was exactly like this he put his full heart into CP Warfare, someone like that is so rare and I knew that and I knew he had to be mine. Elmikey and I talked about everything in armies. I never had anyone I could discuss my ideas so openly with and he would respond with enthusiasm. I could see that he wanted to do big things with armies I could see that he had a vision and I knew I was not dealing with a coward he was someone willing to bring his ideas about with force.

That is how I knew he was worthy of being my student and its why I stuck with him despite him at times giving even me the cold shoulder. I never abandoned him I believed in him I fought by his side. Even when I couldn’t fight I still cheered him on in the sidelines. Elmikey vented to me about his issues with armies and we would go back and forth on these issues. I told him how to manage these different situations and I told him which things he was right and wrong about always. Everyone around Elmikey usually held back when they spoke to him but I never did I told him what he needed to hear without fear of his reaction and there were times he reacted badly. The difference between me and the others he reacted badly too is that we always made up. I did say being cold and ruthless was essential for a leader but knowing where to draw the line with that is essential as well and Elmikey had to learn when he was doing too much.

For once in my life I had to start playing good cop and Elmikey was bad cop throughout our leadership. I showed Elmikey how I dealt with the troops and after seeing this and learning from it he knew how to balance himself out and we were then introduced to a more level headed Elmikey. I saw change in him after that and I saw differences in his views when we spoke privately. He accepted the ways of modern armies and he lead in the modern style, and he would always shoot for number 1 on CPAC, he stopped showing hate towards CPAC and he acted the way he needed to act to be considered professional. Elmikey had an intense love for RPF and its troops despite many thinking he would throw anyone out for anything and everyone was a tool to him this was not true. Elmikey had the ability to grow close to someone and I really believe I was the first person to break his shell. I praised Elmikey almost whenever we spoke since the beginning even when I was in disagreement with his leadership style. Showing love is one of the easiest ways to get respect from someone and to make them admire you. Elmikey was always eager to show me his accomplishments.

His need to make me proud was my way of infiltrating his mind and I was able to learn the deeper reasons behind his unique way of thinking. This led to me being able to shape Elmikey into his new self. At first we bumped heads about many things but when he found out he was wrong and I was right over and over again our relationship as student and teacher was solidified especially after the Snaily incident which I warned him about prior to us both being removed. I think thats what started his need to see me satisfied he needed to make up for his past failures. He knew he needed to take in everything I had told him throughout the years from how to lead battles, the best tactics to perform, his ideology on CPAC, and the rules of CP Warfare. He needed to let go of 2007 and realize his potential. He needed to change in his mind for no other reason than Lord Pain said it needed to change. He paid for every single warning he ignored from me. He had no one to respect except me someone was just as ruthless as he was and someone who like him was a highly successful leader but was hated and controversial. No one around him had proved him wrong but me.

In 2015 when Elmikey took back RPF we were then introduced to an Elmikey who had taken in the teachings of Lord Pain and he was ready to shape RPF into an army that matched this ideology. He did not want to fail me again and he knew now that him not failing me was the same thing as him not failing RPF. He wanted to succeed and he was driven to do this by any means necessary. Most people would of abandoned Elmikey early on due to the way he treated people but when he pushed me away all I did was shove myself back in even closer than before. Elmikey showed his emotions to very few people but when he was sad it was me he came to and I saw the human side of him I saw the ability to love in him. I knew it was love because why would someone like that show his weaker side to only me someone he knows is exactly like him. Its for the simple reason that I never abandoned him despite anything he did. He never knew anything but goodness coming from me despite us not always being on the same page and him abusing even me at points and that isn’t something you experience from a regular friend. A regular friend would abandon you at the first sign of you being “toxic” as they say.

We became more than that and we became more than a student and a teacher too, I had become his family I had become his father and he had become my son. I could only think of it like that because who in life won’t abandon you besides your family. As you go through life dealing with the same person all the time and you have another purpose for them in your mind like I did I had intent on using him but then all of the events of our life together flashed through my mind and I knew then that I wasn’t using him. He became a child that I loved and that I would protect no matter what even at my own expense. I was going to defeat ACP together with Elmikey and I was going to guide him to the promised land I always imagined after the fall of ACP. We killed ACP together but fate went another direction with Elmikey’s career afterwards. Elmikey found acceptance in me and I found it in him that is really the key component that brought us together. When you see potential in someone you can never give up on them.

Sometimes it can take a long time to break through someone’s shell and to change their ways. But looking back on what I did I wouldn’t of changed a single thing. Having dealt with real life traumas and knowing the behavior that stems from dealing with those situations I saw that Elmikey had not lived an easy life. I knew he was the same as me that is why he did everything he did. It just took someone who is like him but grew from bad situations to enlighten him and make him a better version of himself. I was the person who was there to pick him up and although he didn’t always want it the gestures grew on him over time. His attitudes at times annoyed me as well but just seeing his character growth over time and his amazing similarities to me I couldn’t help but want him to succeed he could never be a tool to me because he was me. I was living vicariously through Elmikey whenever he was happy I was whenever he was sad I was sad. A bond like this is the best way for an older generation leader to pass down knowledge to a younger generation leader. I saw traits I needed in Elmikey such as darkness and hatred I saw him as a means to an end.

Everything that was sparked along the way was just the human need to be more than that, to be better. I was teaching Elmikey but he taught me something to he taught me how to be human in this army world that had shown me so much hate he was a ray of light to me. Mentally I never tried for any of what happened to happen it just happened naturally it was destiny. I was never meant to use RPF as tools I became apart of the family and my relationship with Elmikey was the bridge to making that happen. It just goes to show no matter how much malice there is inside of someone there are people out there that can bring out the best in you. I had to watch and be apart of Elmikey’s story, a story of someone who basically acted out my own life in a different way to realize how to be the best version of my own self. Let this be a lesson about teaching the new generation it can take effort but it can pay off in the end and sometimes the student can teach the mentor.

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