A glance Into The Past: The Seventh World War as Told By The One Who Started It

July, 2018.


Four former RPF soldiers, Getalife, Litt7, Dino, and myself, BScharbach2 were on CPR. We were simply relaxing and lounging around together. Suddenly, Pizza Boi soldiers (What I believe now is PZF) had logged on for an event. They had misunderstood us and attacked, thinking we were raiding their event. What comes following would spiral into WWVII. To me, this was the last TRUE world war, with the incompetent disappointment that came from the Eighth. I went to request orders, as I was just an RPF Colonel. During this time, the entire staff team had a nasty habit of being offline, thus no staff could assist me. So with no other ideas I rallied the soldiers in chat with me in voice chat and began rallying for hours. Eventually, my now good friend Xing logged on Templars to assist PZF, honoring their alliance. A total of 50-60 Templars + PZF and 50-60 RPF had rallied under my inexperienced command. After 5 hours of grueling rogue battle we had won the day, starting Xing’s hobby of exclusively losing to me in battles.


Quite ironically, a similar scenario follows the next day. Same server, same 4 starting people, same inactive Queenieliz era HCOM. Only difference is that Templars itself had logged on with a sizeable force of 30-40. Another misunderstanding, PZF arrives and another rogue scramble around 60-60 RPF V PZF/TCP. 5 hours pass and I route Xing again out of the town. Exhausted, I log off and prepare for the fallout the next day


After TWO unscheduled raids by RPF forces and tensions running high, RPF HCOM gathered on what to do. From what I know, discussions were had and war was declared. What followed was a disastrous campaign by RPF fighting a coalition of almost every other army at the time, and after a month of intense combat attrition had led to RPF’s defeat in WWVII. The main issue was RPF high command’s refusal to raid enemy recruiting as an effective strategy, in my eyes. This led to RPF being overwhelmed by the amount of armies due to the command not being willing to adapt to my method of patrolling and raiding enemy recruiting every hour with a dedicated team.


Although I am no Lord Pain or Elmikey, no Oagalthorp, those two days and their repercussions greatly changed the landscape of modern day CPA, leading to Xing defeating RPF with his coalition and set me up to attain the positions and localized influence I possess today, alongside some good friends from this era.

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