Loyalty, Honor, and Tradition

Throughout my career in CP Armies I have always obeyed a strict code of loyalty and honor. I believe we all follow codes and the different codes of each person depicts their personalities. History has shown there is no true democracy in armies ultimately the most active leader with the highest level of skill who has led the army to its greatest state and is either the creator or current greatest leader in the army always makes the main decisions. I’ve always thought of leaders in armies like parents while troops are children. In life your parents always make the decisions for you until you are old enough to make your own. In armies as you start from the bottom of the ranks and climb and it is a leaders job to parent you along the way. When you join an army you are honor bound to follow its leadership and trust in it despite any radical views they may have. If we fail to obey the power structure within an army then the army is bound to fall and die.

History has shown that leaders whom develop strong followings almost as if they are cults, leaders who use skills of manipulation to get their troops firmly in their grasp end up having better results with their army. This is simply the way of CP Warfare and a leader who deserves to be in power and who was properly trained by his predecessors will employ this method upon his army. Troops must be guided by the older more experienced generation that is the only way this community can evolve. Troops are trained in the ways of their predecessors and by honoring traditions the army will succeed for them as it did for the previous leaders. Any who act outside of tradition almost always fail unless its for a reason such as when we moved from chat recruiting to auto typing that was a case of things changing around us and we needed to adapt.

However the old ways always apply for everything else as far as politics and ideology go for armies. Leaders have to remember to keep strict routines with their troops and to not be lackadaisical otherwise everything we do holds no point as your army will surely die. A leader must know in their mind that this is a game but in their heart they must feel it isn’t. The reason for that is they need that energy to put into their army they need to feel that feeling that its life and death if they don’t act. If they don’t train themselves to be this way then they’ll never be effective leaders. An army without effective leaders is doomed to fail. Troops upon joining an army should be immediately taught about the commitment they are making and to always be loyal to the regime.

The regime is always supreme and all members of it must be as loyal to each other as they are to the army itself. Only a true traitor to the regime is to be eliminated. Throughout history we have seen leaders get taken out of power due to jealousy, greed, and lust for power. Such an example of this was the removal of Elmikey. This will go down in the history of CP Warfare as an act of dishonor and betrayal. One thing commonly misunderstood is that to be truly loyal to an army you are loyal to its leaders no matter who they are. You must go on a journey throughout your career. A journey of learning and if you desire to be in a position of power you must earn it fairly and honor your former leader and have the torch passed down to you the right way.

A troops job in an army is simple when a leader says jump the troop wants to know how high. This is loyalty this is honor and this is tradition. If this code is followed the result will be an army with perfect troops, loyal, that never question the leadership. An example of a force like this would be Lord Pain and Elmikey’s RPF. The troops in RPF during their era were like a cult following for them. Any intelligent leader wants an army compromised of such people. The size potential for an army with troops raised correctly from recruitment is practically limitless. For this to happen all leaders must follow the code all troops must follow it. The army must be completely in sync the leaders are the head and the troops are the body. We all know a body doesn’t move unless the mind commands it to. That is the way an army is supposed to function.

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