The Key Factor Behind A Successful Army

Anyone that has ever created an army from scratch will tell you that putting it together was not an easy deal. From recruiting new members to getting immense sizes of penguins to waddle at your command, managing an army can be notably demanding and challenging. That can be proven by the fact that while new armies are being formed every month, only half a dozen of Club Penguin Armies have survived for more than ten years; which raises the question:

What is the key factor behind a successful army? Read more to find out!

To get started with my journey towards finding the answer to this question, I decided to get some inspiration: I took a one-question interview with people leading the most successful armies in CPA history. When asked to name the secret ingredient that is required for an army to be successful, this is what they had to say:

Rah, DCP Leader

I’d say the main biggest factors would be having an effective staff team that is trained and troop morale. If you want your army to grow, you need dedicated people who are willing to take the initiative in playing a role behind an army’s success. Another important thing is having good troop morale. Troops are what makes the army comes together. Staff needs to provide confidence and enthusiasm for them.

Change, WV Leader

You need to be proactive I guess. If you’re a passive leader, if you don’t put the time and dedication into growing your army, you won’t find any success.

Crazzy, RPF Leader

Cohesiveness amongst your staff.

Orange, IW LIT

I feel like the biggest thing that gets overlooked that is essential for an army to succeed is having an established community within the army that is fun and welcoming.

All of the qualities aforementioned are crucial for an army to thrive. Staff dedication and enthusiasm are extremely important as they ensure that your staff is going to sacrifice their energy for the sake of the army as well as perform to their fullest potential. Staff cohesiveness is also a cardinal quality to have since every aspect of CP Armies requires teamwork and optimal communication. Finally, being welcoming is of great importance because it sets the seal on those timeless and endless recruiting sessions; it guarantees that recruits are going to stay in your army. 

All of that sounds great, but to be honest my eyes have seen successful armies that did not meet these qualities. I have been in armies where I was not greeted by a warm welcome, but instead by excessive cussing. I have been in armies where staff communication was completely nonexistent. I have been in armies where staff barely had any passion and dedication for their army. All of these armies I’m referring to have achieved greatness, surviving for many years and some even to this date; yet they succeeded without some of these values.

These premises are definitely important, however, the question I have been trying to answer in this post is which one is the most crucial. The fact that there have been great armies without them means that none of those is the supreme one. 

So, I had to dig deeper; I had to look for a trademark that all successful armies had in common, but it also had to be one that small or irrelevant armies did not have. After some research and multiple syllogisms, I came to, possibly, the most disappointing conclusion. The key premise for a truly successful army is its appearance.

Can you name any successful army that has a .wordpress domain? Have you ever witnessed an army thrive without it having decent graphics? Do you know any great army that doesn’t have a catchy name? Even considering the changes that came with the post-OGCP era, have you seen any army that doesn’t have a good-looking discord server?

To give an example, whenever we are scrolling through our Youtube feed, we do not click on the video that is going to give answers to our existential crisis; we click on the video that has the most eye-catching thumbnail and title. The same thing happens in CP Armies. Even if you do recruit someone in your army, lack of good appearance will turn many recruits off and either cause them to leave your army for another one or leave the CPA community in general. 

Sometimes you need to prioritize the delivery of your product over its essence. Even if you have spent thousands of hours coming up with a strategic masterplan that is going to conquer the entire CP Army world, nobody is going to take you seriously if your website or discord server looks like it was set up by a 5-year-old. Before trying to achieve anything in the CPA community, you need to make sure that your army’s name, uniform, graphics, website, and discord, are all looking top-notch. To sum it up all in one sentence, if you want to become big, you need to look like you’re big.

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