How Age Affects Leadership

Thinking back to when I was a 13 year old, I can’t help but cringe. When your early teen years were documented in the CP armies blogs, how does a few years change your thoughts? Does your age affect how you lead?

At 16 I felt like I made better decisions than I did at 13. At 19, I thought the same for decisions I made at 16. Simply put, most people evolve their thoughts and personalities as they grow older, developing more complex thought processes. My own experiences cannot get in the way though, as most legends got their status at the ages of 12-16 for spearheading their army to top tens and tournaments. So I decided to take a look at how people view age and decisions related to it, in CP armies.

There are numerous army leaders in modern day who are older, 19 or older, so we asked one, what they think of their age in terms of armies. Ganger90 has been arguably the biggest icon in SWAT history and is known to be 19 or older.

Vivala: How do you think your age affects leading, if it does affect it?

Ganger90: I feel like it doesn’t really affect it as for anyone that plays this game, regardless of age, we should look forward to hopping on and playing and doing it for fun. Of course the older you get the more busy as well but your real life should always be your main priority. One thing you can see is younger people do normally have much more free time to be online and lead.

Vivala: Being an icon in earlier club penguin and modern club penguin, do you think your decisions or though processes have changed at all?

Ganger90: yeah for sure I’m obviously more mature now then when I was 12 for one lmao. And just overall approach on the game like I said before doing it for fun and to have a good time not as work or a burden and with the time you can spend, make the most of it.

Ganger90 brought up a similar point, that of course you feel like you make more mature decisions than when you were a few years younger. you gain wisdom and intelligence in the community as time goes on. As more of an adult, he mentions it really is more fun than work because simply put, many 19+ users already have enough work (school and/or job) and don’t need more. Could this help give college aged kids an upper hand on keeping things fun for troops, or help give a more laid-back view of issues?

To get another opinion on the significance of age in armies, I asked Rah, who’s 15-17 and was not the original club penguin armies community.

Vivala: How do you think your age affects leading, if it does affect it?

Rah: I think it affects leading in a positive and negative way. Positive being firm, providing wisdom and being loyal. Obviously there’s cons such as being underestimated for being young or not taken seriously. However overall, if you know what you’re doing while leading, age shouldn’t matter.

Rah brought up a point mentioned earlier, that age is associated with knowledge and wisdom. It’s an understandable association as those who have gone through different situations in the past would be better at dealing with future situations. The downside Rah mentions is all too true. A few younger people who are immature and may overreact in many situations can cause a “boy who cried wolf” situation, or may not fully know the work needed for an army, and cause younger leaders to not be taken seriously. Rah’s answer however, goes to show that even younger leaders are very much capable of well thought out answers, involving multiple sides.

Although right off the bat we may assume that older army leaders may be “better” than their younger counterparts, what works best in armies may be maturity and the ability to think in more than one way, which can be fostered in students in high school. Compare this to people who may have been in armies on the Disney owned Club Penguin yet are in jail now. With Rah giving points that I had planned on making anyways, someone whos younger like her has to show much better maturity and judgement than others.

Legoman, another leader, who requested he be mentioned as 16, gave his thoughts on age and leading.

Vivala: How do you think your age affects leading, if it does affect it?

Legoman: Tbh its kinda empowering be tell people older than me what to do. Makes me feel like a real big boy. It also lets me have a better understanding of discord, as I was on OG ToS Violator back in ’16. And of course, it allows me to reach people such as my wonderful grandfather, Poppy and bring him to events. Due to my extremely hot voice, most people don’t even realize that I’m 16, so it has a relatively low impact. I also owe a lot to my good friend BScharbach2, and my lovely wife Firestar08.

Legoman gave an interesting point about discord, one that I personally have noticed. Since Xat was used by most armies in the disney-owned club penguin times, there were some notable past figures who when they returned, didn’t know how discord worked, which is important for leaders. Badboy and the Lord Pain both had to learn more about changing profile pictures to the creation of servers on discord, a unique issue for older veterans.

Overall, based on the responses I was given, it seems like age itself doesn’t impact leading armies all that significantly, as to become a leader in the first place you often have to show some sort of maturity in resolving situations and thought processes.


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