Where’s the War?

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The idea of Club Penguin Armies has always been a weird one. Armies? On Club Penguin? How do you fight? Do you just throw snowballs at eachother? How do you determine a winner? These are often questions I get when introducing a new member into our community. Yet we do fight. We have news organizations and we have a system of tactics and formations to fight eachother. If this is the case. why do so many of our events look like


Instead of this

This didn’t always used to be the case. When I first joined the community in 2015 we had war all the time. My first summer was a giant summer of what felt like non-stop fighting. Legends Cup Preparation, Power Alliance vs DCP, Rebuilding the New Dawn Alliance. It was interesting, it was fun and everyday we logged on who knew what the event would hold? Yet now I find our events to feel much more like the first picture. While training is good and has its place, what are we training for if we refuse to fight? I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t exactly find spamming emotes in a room by ourselves for 30 minutes fun. What I do find fun is constantly changing formations and finding witty tactics to out due my opponents. Yes there are still wars, yes there are practice battles (mostly to game the top ten). But wars are short and far between, while practice battles are a one off without long term payment. Ironically enough, it was Badboy who came to realize this. He tried to make the community interesting with his “Badboy Wars” earlier this year, but armies quickly dropped out and it went from a potential world war to a day long conflict. So what can explain our decline in wars? I’ve listed a few factors I think are partially to blame.

Friendlier Community
The community now is just friendlier than it used to be. Less toxic rage posts on websites. Less massive paragraphs in the CPC comments thread calling people out. Without these, armies just have less reason to fight with each other. That helps make the community more peaceful. While in the real world, where people’s lives are on the line and battles more costly, I tend to take a most pacifist view myself. But in cp armies that view does not make as much sense. Losing a battle wont lose your life, just your pride. But I think armies are a great low risk way to see the other aspects of war like propaganda and troop excitement really play out. To see the effects on the army of defending your capital server vs attacking a random opponent one.

Black Ice Alliance
The Black Ice Alliance is a massive force consisting of the 3 largest armies in the game. Their ally network stretches far and large, and attacking or aiding the wrong army can leave you at disfavor with this powerhouse. Look at the recent Black Seas War. Dark Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation attacked the Water Vikings. The Ice Warriors then joined their ally. The Army of the Orient Seas tried to transfer their last server to WV, but it was illegitimate; causing Ice Warriors to invade them and force treaty them out of the war. This leads to my next point.

Force Treaties
Force treaties are probably one of the largest cause of decline in war participation and is a rather controversial move. While armies once could continue to fight as long as they put their heart into it, and claim whatever servers they were willing willing to defend, the new map and force treaty system changes the game. Small armies can quickly be forced out of existence via force treaties. They have no choice in the matter and must follow the victors terms. This makes the risk of joining in an alliance and attacking power houses like BIA so unappealing. While once upon a time small armies could band together to take down a large threat, now they risk losing everything and being picked off one by one. This is part of why the NDA vs BIA war fell apart so quickly. The alliance had two Major armies, DCP and ACP, as well as a list of smaller friends. When ACP pulled out, many of these armies fled; fearing repercussions from BIA for assisting the Doritos. It causes many armies to ally with the powerhouse for protection, as alliances terms are also upheld by CPAH.

Armies are meant to fight. And if wars do not resume, and BIA is not broken, I fear that without conflict our community will become stagnant and unappealing. Let us pray this is wrong.

DCP Legend & Army Veteran

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