Evil in Plain Sight

Greetings People of CP Armies,

After reading my rivals post I am surprised by the honesty in it and from that you can see just how twisted the ACP is as he proudly boasts their treachery and claims that the ACP has “policed” the community a if they’ve actually done some good rather than harm. I am here to remind you that this is totally false and that it has been me this entire time who has protected the community and enabled you the little guy an equal opportunity against a machine like ACP that eats valuable resources and takes away from the rest of our already dying community. I did not fail against ACP, as CPAC wrote in an article at the end of the Pain Wars there was indeed proof that the RPF the true greatest army in CP Warfare had indeed conquered the entirety of the ACP nation. Armies require two servers to be considered an army they had none and were rendered dead.

It wasn’t around two years later that the ACP had decided to return and the community had been a much better place without them. My rival whilst attempting to paint a different picture of who the ACP are has foolishly only supported my thoughts on the villains. Everything he claims they’re capable of are all shameful acts and the power to act out such deeds belongs to no one not even someone like me. At least my superiority complex comes from a good place in my heart I want to be the best so I have the strength to protect the younger generation. My opponents desire for greatness stems from their desire to remain in a powerful enough position to infiltrate all bodies of power within the community from armies to media outlets.

If the ACP was as powerful as they claim they would be comfortable in their own skin enough to not have to dig deep into every organization. My opponent claimed they do this when he said that ACP “undermines, manipulates, or befriends” their enemies. This sentence shows what I’ve always spoken of over the years any idea of friendship an army may think they have with ACP is totally fabricated and they are being used as a tool by the ACP to keep themselves an army who claims to be the greatest protected because they can not protect themselves. If the ACP was as great as my rival claims why did they get their entire nation taken away while being protected by 3 other armies the DCP, Nachos, and AR.

Why did the ACP give their entire nation to the DCP just so they could stop getting invaded by the RPF? The ACP has only ever placed its allies in danger and used them as cannon fodder, any army who is allied with ACP is expected to come running when they are in danger but when the situation is reversed ACP is no where to be found. What kind of a police force only helps itself when it is in danger and not any other army in the community they claim to protect. ACP has never stood on behalf of anyone except itself they are pretenders and every value they claim to cling to is nothing more than a deception. ACP has always wore a mask and put on a facade to hide its true face but I am here to un-mask them.

One of the biggest examples of treachery by the ACP was in 2011 when they took down the GT just for briefly taking ACP out of its precious number one spot and they did this regardless of GT being loyal allies to the ACP. GT did not mean any harm to them at all and yet they came and they crushed any future GT would of had. ACP were not thinking about the dreams of the GT Leaders or the excitement they had about what they would be able to do next after reaching a pinnacle of power in which no one was able to maintain because ACP held that position on lock then and controlled the media. In the past it has been revealed by media staff in CPAC that ACP has always hushed Anti-ACP voices within CPAC. I heard this personally from Zing when he received backlash from posting about RPF’s victory in the Pain Wars.

If ACP was as great and friendly as they claim why were they not happy for their allies the GT why did they not stand by them? Instead of this they destroyed the GT and did not even do this fully by simply battling it out which is what armies are supposed to do. Instead they used propaganda they spread rumors about Riotors the creator of GT they claimed he had been hacking which was false and ACP later admitted this was false. As a result Riotors was bullied out of the community thanks to ACP our so called “police” of the community. This is but one story out a plethora of ones that could be told about the evil of the ACP. Once the ACP was conquered by me in the RPF and ACP shut down later on it was RPF my legacy that brought CP Armies to the private server army world and enabled us to survive.

The RPF is the greatest army and at their peak would defeat ACP in their peak especially with me as leader. If you compare any of ACP’s pictures to RPF’s at their peak RPF will look better. My rival spoke on ACP “getting grips on RPF” by sending an infiltrator and Its unclear if he is speaking about this generation of RPF or my generation when he sent Snaily5 to infiltrate RPF and get me and Elmikey taken out of power and they did succeed at that for a time until Elmikey took back RPF. Whatever harm ACP caused to RPF from that incident was paid back a hundred fold when ACP was completely and utterly dominated by the RPF to the point of begging to stop the war and then ignoring RPF. If ACP is better than RPF why have they not had the backbone to face them directly even with their renewed strength.

Its funny because I’m out of this game but what I left behind still lives on I built the RPF from a foundation of my followers in 2013 when Commando brought me in and then Elmikey introduced me to auto-typing and we turned the RPF into easily the greatest fighting force in CP Warfare history. We have out done the ACP and now all they can do is make a post on a platform I have provided for them to try to spite me and defend their actions. The ACP claim to be manipulators but from the look of things its not working as well as it used to because although they’ve recovered they’ll always be in the shadow of the RPF. It looks like the best job ACP can do now at manipulating is with their own troops but eventually they will break free and see ACP for the fraudulent scum they truly are.

The truth is we have outgrown the ACP and we deserve the freedom to shape this community how we see fit without the ACP’s interference without their “policing” because all their police work is good for is themselves its not us they’re policing its themselves. They would rather protect their own position of power at any cost even the well being of their allies and its been shown in the past. During the Pain Wars two enemy leaders got taken out of power they lost their positions due to me stepping in and showing their armies that they are just manipulated tools of ACP who aren’t carrying out the best interests of their army anymore. The only way ACP’s influence disappears in armies is if ACP disappears and that begins with demoralizing them first by defeating them just in the game of CP Warfare and I did that and I did it whilst being by the book. I have always been by the book and that book is the original rules of CP Warfare written by Boomer20.

Not only did I defeat ACP honorably and without any trickery or corrupt tactics I did so following the rules they created and also ignored during the war. You have been out done ACP you were outgrown and now in these two years of absence armies have become too strong for you to police and you will always exist in the shadow of the armies you have hindered and kept from out of the lime light for so many years. Now we surround you and there is nothing you can do to stop the growth of armies. The only way I see ACP ever truly becoming top dog again is if they take out the RPF. I made sure of this my actions from the Black Alliance to the Pain Wars were to protect the future of armies and I have done that I did not fail. The evil and the selfish always fall history has shown that and it demonstrated it live action when the last son of GT defeated ACP in 2017. When ACP took a life they never imagined a small flicker would go on I was that flicker and that flicker turned into the fire that burned you to the ground.


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