Is No News Good News?

You may have heard the saying “no news is good news”, or on the other side “all publicity is good publicity”. Are either of these the case for club penguin armies news coverage? It’s time to take a look.

Most army leaders and icons may feel a sense of accomplishment when being interviewed, as it seems like a sign that you are someone important in the army community, who’s opinion is valuable and is something others want to read. I reached out to Legoman, who in the last month or 2 became one of the most interviewed people in the Club Penguin Army Hub league.

Vivala: You have had a lot of interviews in CPAH. Do you think this is a good thing?

Legoman: Yeah its chill, it fills my constant need for attention

Although Legomans answer was a bit tongue-in-cheek, his answer had a truth to it. Rarely do non-leaders get an interview, or get to be on the CPAH stage with the communities eyes on you. A news site deemed you or your army news as important, thus you or your army is important. That attention in a community of thousands is wanted. As an army, there are many achievements that can earn an article. Shooting up on the top ten, a new leader, even a practice battle between two large armies can lead to news. An army making waves in the community is bound to have articles. With this, staying in the news can mean staying active and interacting in the community, and this coverage can be beneficial. A part of this may be the Mere Exposure Effect; The more you hear or see something, the more you like it. This psychology idea could be applied to armies. Assuming the news is at least neutral, an army with more coverage is more likely to stand out to you because you have simply heard more about it, you are more comfortable with it.

Is there such a thing as too much news on a specific army? I believe most people would say yes, as it could show army-hopping, instability, internal issues, and more. If a specific person is continuously receiving articles, why is this? Most news hubs write whenever an army leader leaves or joins, so these types of articles on a person in a short amount of time could hint towards hopping behavior. As for an army, leaders leaving and joining like a revolving door usually leads to instability as people usually leave with some leaders or join with others, with possible unsmooth transitions. Disagreements and fights, leaked chats, exposures and more can put an army in the news in an unsavory light. An interview to show a side may help in these cases may help to explain but still usually leaves a bad taste of the army in readers mouths.

What about simply no news though? In CPAH, Help Force has achieved steady and strong rankings in the major top ten. With rare recent coverage simply because they have not changed at all, in leaders, sizes and more, they show that no news does not mean an army should be underestimated.

With all of this in mind, when asked “Is news coverage good for an army?”, it really can’t be answered, when so much more detail is needed. However, the fact that whatever you or your army did, deserves an interview, does show that you or your army is important enough for a community wide news report.


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