Is ACP the Greatest Army of All Time? My column:

Will the Army of Club Penguin ever succumb to the depth of the darkest pits of Club Penguin itself?

Created on 29th September, 2006 the ACP was formed and based upon the Miniclip forums. For decades now the Army of Club Penguin has persisted on against all odds. In the face of adversity, many wonder, will the Army of Club Penguin – the originators of the community, the creators and revolutionaries – those who created something out of nothing and made a simple Club Penguin game… well… into so much more ever cease to exist?

The answer is quite simple. Among many things that has happened to the people that are so proud to wear green, one thing that always stayed true was their resilience. In times of hardship, the Army of CP has gone up against hot heads to the likes of Elmikey, Lord Pain, Waterkid, ioioluk, and even Pink Mafias himself. Yet they bow to none, and all have failed in their conquests to ultimately put an end to the greatest army of all time. Why is this? Let’s dig into it.

The Army of Club Penguin places all of its bets strategically. First, we undermine, manipulate, or even befriend our enemies. We use even our enemies to our advantage. Those who seek to disrupt the status quo – like LT or SWAT – often feel the backlash of an entire community. They soon find themselves at the edge of existence. Some might ask, why this is. Others ask how ACP got their grips around the RPF leadership while sending a single spy to undermine their entire operation as soon as they wished harm on the ACP. To this I must add that the ACP strategically holds valuable positions in the minds of many, through the use of the outlets provided to them.

Back in 2008, Fort was trying to take ACP away from being Club Penguin’s police force and down the road of neutrality, Oagalthorp kept intervening, saying it was the duty of ACP to root out corruption and evil wherever it was to be found on Club Penguin. The ACP perspective of “policing the world” similar to that of the United States of America, has led the ACP to be personified in the face of the media, and the minds of young children alike.

With the power of ACP,

Comes great responsibility.

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