Could a bit of democracy benefit armies?

Things were (relatively) stable before the original Club Penguin shut down in 2017. Do not get me wrong, Club Penguin Armies still had their ups and downs throughout the years, however, it’s nothing compared to what is going on in the last 3-4 years. CPA have been going through an endless cycle of moving to new CPPS, news websites, shutting down, re-opening, and repeat. I’ve personally quit CPA for quite some time now, but every time I reconnect with friends and check in on what’s happening in CPA, I’m always told that there’s some new scandal that forced a major change. So, the question is, what is causing this instability and how can it be fixed?

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How It All Came Into Fruition: The Early Black Alliances and the Beginning of ACP’s Decline, Part One:

Hello, all!

I have warmly accepted Lord Pain’s kind invitation to write for this fine and forthcoming institution. Politics were always the higher-order contemplation I had not been writing as much in general until recently, so please bear with me. Alas, I will indeed begin by speaking to the community about a topic still near and dear to my heart, and relevant to the landscape of a great portion of OG Club Penguin Warfare’s history. Tables were turned, an ancient power ultimately saw its fortunes reverse, nearly irrevocably, and new legacies from anti-establishment insurgents were formed and cemented. As well, my own career in this social sphere arguably peaked around this particular turbulent era, as my energy and perceived clarity of thought had never been stronger. From the core of my online identity here outward, the tumultuous transformation of Club Penguin Warfare in 2012-2013 stands out to me as an example of creativity and justice ultimately prevailing, and a reminder that raw passion winning out, however long its development and cultivation may be.

(GLORY TO THE LIGHT TROOPS EMPIRE | Club Penguin Online: Light Troops (
(Declaration Of War On The Light Troops | ACP: The Official Army of Club Penguin | Club Penguin Army Clover Defenders (
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Golden Troops Searching for New Leaders

Greetings CPAPP,

We will be assisting the Golden Troops with publicity and in any other area we can with their revival. As some of you may know although GT wasn’t my first army things happened there that led to me calling it my home army. The Golden Troops have produced many legendary figures and once took a prime ACP out of their number 1 spot and took it for themselves. The last time GT was number 1 was 2014 and I believe with the right leadership behind it GT can be a force to be reckoned with once more. Whoever leads GT will have me in the background for financial support which is already a key factor given the fact that armies are becoming more expensive. GT has a digg 3 site ranked first on google with a paid for domain and css and as long as I’m around they will keep those things. You will be tasked with building the foundation of GT and keeping it a consistent army in the large top ten. I am shooting for nothing less than a leadership capable of leading GT to number 1.

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CPAPP and partners have officially released a Minecraft Server in which armies can participate by creating their own factions. This enables armies to create allies or enemies as they build their bases and gather resources to raid or fight other armies on the server. For example, the RPF faction can ally the ACP to take on the Nachos. The server will be cracked, meaning you won’t need to actually purchase Minecraft to play.

Server Address:


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Thoughts on the Current State of Club Penguin Warfare

Dear Community

Following the shutdown of many Club Penguin Private Servers and recent doxing scandals, the community finds itself in a position similar to 2017. Most armies have closed their doors, including IW, WV and DCP. Though some like ACP and RPF are planning to reopen on HTML5 servers in the near future, Club Penguin Warfare is in uncertain territory.

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Addressing The Recent Circumstances

Greetings People of CP Armies,

Recently the community has gone into chaos from many people being threatened and armies shutting down along with the recent incident of my discord account getting banned and the original CPAPP chat going along with it. Armies have dealt with people threatening to dox one another for many years now. High ranked people from both armies and media organizations have been getting targeted. As a result of this armies have been shutting down left and right. We will push forward and we will survive this storm. Nothing will stop my plans for expanding CPAPP into the media organization that armies have always needed. CPAPP is merely a stepping stone for a much larger plan that I have. We have been banning any suspicious characters on our discord and we will continue to do so.

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